Materials for Probe Needles

Testing wafers in the semiconductor industry requires high precision, stable testing materials for the probe cards. This is the only way to ensure that the bonding pads will be hit precisely over many measurement cycles and that accurate test results can be achieved.

The probe needles in the probe card are subject to high demands. Due to the minimal gaps between the individual pitches, they must be extremely straight and demonstrate excellent electrical conductivity. In addition, they must be sufficiently elastic and demonstrate good mechanical strength even at high temperatures in order for them to be used through many load cycles.

Precipitation hardened PdAgCu alloys and high-strength PtNi alloys demonstrate the required properties, they are suitable for high currents and not susceptible to cold welding with other materials. In addition to their dimensional stability under heat, the outstanding resistance to corrosion contributes to a long service life.

Heraeus offers you a wide variety of probe needles with a consistently high standard of quality and fast delivery times. Take advantage of our decades of experience as an authority in materials and our expertise in production technology.

Probe Needles


Probe needles are used as contacts in probe cards for

  • Vertical probe cards
  • Cantilever probe cards
  • MEMS probe cards
  • Lead-in wires


  • Excellent electrical conductivity for transmission of high currents
  • Good signal-noise ratio for accurate test results
  • Extremely dimensionally stable materials demonstrating high strength, elasticity, and thermal resistance for manufacturing perfect probe needles
  • Material properties can be adapted to your requirements through a combination of different diameters and hardening processes
  • Cold welding to bonding pads can be avoided
  • A variety of alternative materials to select the perfect match for your application
  • Consistently high standard of quality, fast delivery times
  • We support you in choosing and adapting the right material and configuration for your application. Take advantage of the unique combination of materials expertise along with a grasp of the applications and production technology.
  • We can pre-test materials for you in our contact laboratory.
  • We offer you the complete precious metal cycle from purchasing through manufacturing to recycling.

Product properties/technical data:

According to your preference, Heraeus offers wire on large-diameter spools (approx. 250–300 mm Ø) or cut wire sections of defined lengths, packaged in tubes in a variety of package sizes.

The thickness of the wire can be made to your requirements and, according to specification, is between 0.050 mm – 0.150 mm in diameter.


  • Precipitation-hardened PdAgCu alloys: Hera 648 and Hera 6321
  • High-strength PtNi alloys
  • Highly conductible and high-strength Rh alloys (rhodium wire)