Resistance Wires for Temperature Measurement

Platinum wires are used in resistance thermometers and gas flow meters.

Heraeus uses state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to produce the thinnest high-quality resistance wires to customer specifications, thus allowing the production of high-precision measuring resistors.

Thanks to the excellent physical properties of platinum, our wire demonstrates stable electrical behavior with minimal drift and a high degree of reproducibility.

Resistance wire


Our comprehensive technical expertise and years of experience enable us to offer the wires best suited to your application. Our exact process control allows you to achieve particularly high precision for the measuring elements in your application.

Overview of your advantages:

  • Application technology consultation
  • Resistance and TC values according to your exact specifications
  • High precision due to tight manufacturing tolerances
  • Also available as very thin platinum strips
  • High degree of reproducibility

Take advantage of our decades of experience in resistance wires.

Resistance wire


  • Resistance thermometers
  • Reference thermometers
  • Gas flow meters such as respiratory gas sensors

Product properties/ technical data:

  • Alpha values ranging from 3800 ppm to ≥ 3925 ppm
  • Electrical resistance and mechanical characteristics can be varied
  • Wire diameter ≥ 10 µm