Resistance Wires for (Airbag) Initiators

Resistance wires made of platinum alloys are the material of choice when it comes to reliability and reproducibility –

as an airbag initiator to trigger the front or side airbags, in the seat belt tensioner, on the engine hood, and in the battery circuit breaker. The bridge wire is also used in military technology, pyrotechnology, and electronic ignition systems for blasting applications.

Resistance Wires


  • High degree of reproducibility of ignition properties
  • Manufacturing within tightest resistance tolerances
  • Weldable resistance wires made of special alloys
  • Faster response behavior than non-precious alloys
  • Specified resistance
  • Individual consultation for customer-specific applications
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities

Heraeus specializes in the processing of precious and special metals. When it comes to sensitive products such as resistance wires for initiators, with us, you are on the safe side.

Product properties / technical data

  • Common diameters ranging from 10 µm to 30 µm
  • Typical alloys platinum/tungsten and platinum/iridium
  • Waste material can be recycled and credited to your precious metal account