Catalytic Gauzes

Catalytic systems are widely used for industrial ammonia oxidation and hydrogen cyanide as well as caprolactam production. It is our endeavor to achieve constant improvement through close cooperation with our customers before, during and after the use of our products. For this we offer you the additional services such as on-site support and campaign analyses.

Nitric acid is a major basic chemical widely produced throughout the world. It is the basis of ammonium nitrate fertilizer production, nitrate explosive production and various other complex acid products. Furthermore, Heraeus has developed primary, secondary and tertiary catalytic solutions to reduce N2O emissions significantly. The main application field is in nitric acid plants, where large amounts of N2O, commonly referred to as laughing gas, are set free.

Hydrogen Cyanide is manufactured using the Andrussow process, where air, ammonia and methane are reacted on a Platinum gauze system. Cyanide is used widely in the nylon and acrylic glass industries, as well as being used for the heap leaching process in mining.

Caprolactam and Hydroxylamine are intermediate compounds in the production of synthetic polyamide fibres. Although the process types can differ in detail for various technologies the first stage in this process is always an as efficient as possible oxidation of ammonia into nitrogen monoxide. Platinum-Rhodium catalyst gauzes are the best of choice to establish a high efficiency in this process step.

Your Benefits

  • Supporting the customers with solutions along their entire value chain
  • Increasing the customers’ process efficiency through experience and technical expertise
  • Highest and stable quality standards ensure a continual production process for the customers
  • Closed precious metals cycle: security of supply, precious metal refining, and an optimized capital commitment, as a service from a single source

Application Examples

  • Production of ammonium nitrate fertilizer
  • Usage in nylon and acrylic glass industries
  • Reduction of N2O emissions
  • Production of nylon 66

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