Bright Golds

Bright gold preparations, commonly referred to as bright golds, are metallo-organic materials based on precious metals that are dissolved in resin and oil systems. Various metalloid solutions work as adhesion promoters in these preparations as well and ensure that the materials show a good mechanical and chemical adhesion after firing.

During firing, all organic components (resins and oils) burn off. What is left on the decorated item is a bright, shiny, metal alloy layer of mirror-like appearance, also referred to as the “fired layer”. With only a fraction of a micrometer, the fired layer is as thin as a human hair - if not thinner. Still, Heraeus bright gold decorations withstand dishwashing, mechanical abrasion as well as the chemical impact of detergents day after day.

Bright gold color shades

Bright golds are available in a range of metal color shades: from lemon, yellow, yellow-red to copper and rosé. If bright golds are combined with platinum and or palladium, whitish platinum to yellowish platinum color shades can be achieved as well.

Bright Gold Application
Example of a bright gold application

Applying bright gold preparations

Bright golds are applied to substrates with a variety of methods. For brush applications, liquid bright golds are used. For direct screen printing and decal production, bright gold pastes are the material of choice. And for machine lining applications, special sticky high viscosity pastes are required.

Bright golds are designed to be used on different substrate types such as porcelain, bone china, earthenware and tiles, as well as for glass substrates, from soda-lime, borosilicate glass to quartz glass.

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