Lusters are metallo-organic preparations that are used for decorating substrates like glass or ceramics to give the substrates a glossy and usually iridescent coating in different colors. Lusters are based on precious metals as well as non-precious metal components dissolved in oil and resin systems. Just like bright golds, luster preparations contain adhesion promoters which assure a strong connection between the luster coating and the respective substrate after firing.

During firing, all organic components (resins and oils) burn off and a metallic luster layer remains. This luster layer is only a fraction of a micrometer thick and thus even thinner than bright gold layers. The extremely thin luster layer sets the limit in terms of chemical and mechanical resistance as well as dishwashing durability.

Luster color shades

We offer lusters of various color shades for example iris, white, orange, green, blue, pink and red.

Since luster layers are quite sensitive, a thicker application strongly influences the luster’s color. Evaporating solvents during the application process can already lead to a variation in color after firing.

Luster Application
Example of lusters

Applying lusters

Lusters are offered as liquids for brush application as well as in the form of luster pastes for direct screen printing and decal production. Sometimes lusters are sprayed. In this case the liquid lusters need to be thinned prior to spraying.

Lusters are typically used for decorating ceramics, tiles and giftware. Due to their limited scratch and dishwasher resistance, we do not recommend lusters for decorating tableware.


In addition to our regular luster program, we also offer a few thermolusters. These thin liquid materials are sprayed onto glass while it is still hot. Due to these temperatures, their solvents evaporate and the luster sticks perfectly to the glass substrate without extra firing.

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