Matt Golds

Matt gold preparations, commonly referred to as matt golds, are metallo-organic materials based on precious metals that are dissolved in resin and oil systems. Within the preparations, additional metalloid solutions work as adhesion promoters and ensure that the matt golds provide good mechanical and chemical adhesion after firing. During firing, all organic components burn off. What remains on the decorated item is a metal alloy layer with a silk matt golden look. Matt golds contain matting agents that turn their fired appearance into a typical silk matt golden look, similar to fired burnished gold decorations, but without needing to be burnished.

The layer thicknesses of silk matt golden decors are similar to the layer thicknesses of bright golds. Fired matt gold decorations show strong mechanical and chemical resistances as well as dishwashing durability. However, the exact resistance depends on the firing conditions.

Matt gold color shades

Matt gold color shades range from yellow to yellow-red. If matt golds are combined with platinum or palladium, also whitish platinum to yellowish platinum color shades are available.

Matt Gold Application
Example of a matt gold application

Application of matt golds

Matt golds are mostly applied via screen printing for the production of decals. Heraeus also offers liquid matt golds for brush application. These are used for fine line decoration of tableware or on the handles of cups.

Matt golds are designed for decorating porcelain, bone china, earthenware and tiles.

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