Precious Metals at Your Fingertips

Precious Metals Product Shop

We offer you a comprehensive portfolio of precious metal containing catalysts and solutions that you can also receive in consistent quality on an industrial scale.

Precious Metals Management –

Be it recycling or trading, at work or on the road – the online platform helps optimize your workflows and keep track of everything.

Precious Metals Management - in Details

Real-time access to account information

  • Full Heraeus-wide transparency on total precious metal balance
  • Real-time Pool access to pool account balances
  • Full overview of all open invoice positions
  • Full transparency on all transactions since 2016

Market News

  • Free access to precious metals news, provided by the news agency Bloomberg
  • Precious metal charts

Trading Functions

Trading functions
  • Transparency on product availability
  • Full access to transaction and account documentation (24/7)
  • Customization to individual preferences

Recycling Functions

  • Online management of recycling orders
  • Fully guided digital process

Online-guided enhanced Recycling process

  • Push-updates on status updates of recycling orders
  • Online assay exchange process & settlement
  • Possibility to re-use previous orders as a template for new orders


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Full transparency on all recycling orders

Full access to comprehensive documentation at any time (Online archiving)