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Heraeus Product Shop

Heraeus Product Shop

We offer you a comprehensive portfolio of precious metal containing catalysts and solutions that you can also receive in consistent quality on an industrial scale.

Heraeus Precious Metals Product Shop

Precious Metals Management –

Be it recycling or trading, at work or on the road – the online platform helps optimize your workflows and keep track of everything.

Precious Metals Management - in Details

Real-time access to account information

  • Full Heraeus-wide transparency on total precious metal balance
  • Real-time Pool access to pool account balances
  • Full overview of all open invoice positions
  • Full transparency on all transactions since 2016

Market News

  • Free access to precious metals news, provided by the news agency Bloomberg
  • Precious metal charts

Trading Functions

Trading functions
  • Transparency on product availability
  • Full access to transaction and account documentation (24/7)
  • Customization to individual preferences

Recycling Functions

  • Online management of recycling orders
  • Fully guided digital process
User-friendliness Screenshot myHeraeus

Online-guided enhanced Recycling process

  • Push-updates on status updates of recycling orders
  • Online assay exchange process & settlement
  • Possibility to re-use previous orders as a template for new orders


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Full transparency on all recycling orders

Full access to comprehensive documentation at any time (Online archiving)

Your questions - our answers

A high level of transparency and convenience are the main advantages. As a user, you profit from the clear overview presentation of order details, product availability and previous transactions. In addition, the comprehensive online archiving of all your transactions facilitates your workflows. The platform also allows you to work independently by being available around the clock, in addition to the customer service. Trading transactions can be made as usual during general trading hours. Of course, the use of the online platform is free. Depending on your needs, you can also benefit from additional features:

  • Recycling Customers
    To support you in your disposal processes the platforms offers you information material, links as well as an input catalogue. Further, you have the possibility to use previous orders as a template which will save you a lot of time when placing orders.
  • Trading Customers
    To optimize your processes and adapt to your local needs, you can personalize the user interface and choose from all common transaction types, for example Spot, Transfers or physical delivery.

To guarantee the security of your information we have chosen Microsoft as an authentication partner. The password-rules which are applied are according to the recommendation of the National Institute of Standards and Technology ( utilizes industry standards in encryption. The whole platform was subject to a penetration test and reviewed by an independent third-party. Theses penetration tests will be repeated on a regular basis.

We care about your privacy and aim to treat personal information with care and respect. In our privacy policy ( )  you can find out what we collect, why we collect it and how we protect your data.

The prerequisite for using is filing the necessary application forms with Heraeus Precious Metals. Simply ask your customer account manager, they are happy to help you through the registration process. Afterwards you will receive your initial password and can use the platform right away.

No, your personal contact person at Heraeus will still be at your disposal. The platform complements the contact to us and gives you the opportunity to access your information after opening hours. With we aim to offer a high-quality and even easier way for customers to contact us.

As a costumer, you profit from real-time information on the status of your pool account, transaction history and account statements available for download (pdf format). With this you no longer have to wait for your monthly e-mail and can access all the information anytime, without contacting us directly. The platform further allows you to keep track of open invoices. In cooperation with Bloomberg we further offer you the latest PM News.

Depending on the customer group you can also expect the following innovations:

  • Recycling Customers
    The recycling process has been digitalized and for the first time offers a completely paperless process. For this we have provided all documents well-structured; this way you can see what the current status is and which of the up to seven steps, that each recycling order goes through, will be next. The system informs you specifically and clearly if action is needed. You will additionally receive this information as a proactive push notification via email.
  • Trading Customers
    As a trading customer you benefit from improved usability and additional functions. These include e.g. the possibility of physical views or real-time information on the availability of bars.