Precious Metals Trading

Investment bars or granules, physical or via an account, industrial application or investment – the specialists from Heraeus precious metal trading are available to you across the globe, offering individual solutions. As a long-term and recognised market player, we are the people to contact in all matters regarding precious metals.

Heraeus Precious Metals – The precious metals specialists

Our services for you:

  • Buying and selling of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium)
  • Four trading sites in all important time zones (Hanau, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai)
  • Electronic trading platform
  • Professional advice on the subjects of price hedging and risk management
  • Weight accounts and worldwide transfers
  • Comprehensive range of logistics and insurance
  • Complete precious metals cycle along the value creation chain
  • Maximum compliance standards

Precious metals for investors and industry

Heraeus is the world’s leading provider of precious metals. Our bullions are some of the most popular investment products when it comes to investment in physical precious metals. Find out more about our offers here.

Private customers cannot buy precious metal bullions directly from us – but banks, savings banks and leading precious metal traders throughout Germany. A selection of our german sales partners for private clients you can find here.

Due to their unique properties, precious metals are found in a number of industrial applications and products. You will find our range of unrefined precious metals for industry here.

Our experienced precious metal experts provide you with all the important developments on the precious metals markets in our regular market reports .