The Platinum Standard

The Platinum Standard by Heraeus

Offering a unique combination of evaluation and outlook on upcoming trends in the PGM industry, “The Platinum Standard" includes analytical commentary from industry-expert authors on those issues we believe will set the PGM agenda for the year ahead. The report is published for the sixth time in collaboration with SFA (Oxford), a world-renowned authority on platinum group metals. This publication covers the latest supply and demand data across the platinum group metals, as well as price forecasts to the end of the year.

The Platinum Standard 2023

The Platinum Standard 2023

This year’s version of The Platinum Standard covers the following topics:

  • Market trends and price forecasts for platinum, palladium, and rhodium for 2023 
  • The opportunities for Platinum Group Metals (PGM) in the production of green hydrogen 
  • Heraeus Precious Metals' solution to the iridium supply challenge for electrolyser capacity targets 
  • The key role of PGMs in the production of pharmaceutical molecules used both for every-day painkillers, and life-saving treatments

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