Rhenium – a valuable and rare element

Limited resources make rhenium one of the rarest metals in the Earth's crust. Only certain ores contain traces of rhenium and its extraction takes place exclusively as a by-product of the processing of these ores. This makes it vitally important to recover this rare element by recycling used materials containing rhenium. Consistent quality and purity call for a high degree of expertise when it comes to the recovery of precious metals.

Your requirements are our mission

Heraeus is able to recover rhenium with consistent physical quality and high chemical purity. In addition, we support our customers with several further products and services along the rhenium value chain. This includes the provision of rhenium as a material for the production of catalysts containing other precious metals. We provice analytical services and competent advice on logistics and waste issues. Individual solutions rhenium metal management such as financing and leasing is part of our portfolio.

Besides Rhenium, Heraeus offers  ruthenium and  platinum-containing compounds used in turbine blade production.

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Salts, powders & pellets – the large variety of applications of rhenium

The spectrum of applications for rhenium encompasses various metalworking industries: