Circlear – Products made with 100% recycled precious metals

  • Low carbon footprint products – recycled precious metals have an up to 98% reduced CO2 footprint
  • 100% recycled precious metals content – based on mass balance approach and audited by TÜV Süd according to ISO 14021
  • Available for 7 precious metals
  • CO2 savings data available for all Circlear products

Recycled Precious Metals are the Sustainable Choice


Using Circlear allows you to reduce your Scope 3 carbon footprint: Recycled precious metals enable circularity for these scarce resources and reduce the need for extraction of primary metals. Precious metals that are recovered using recycling processes have the same high quality and purity. Their major benefit is the significantly reduced carbon footprint – up to 98%* lower than that of primary metals. They therefore have a lower adverse impact on the environment and biodiversity.

All Circlear precious metals are 100% recycled, originating from secondary sources such as spent chemical or automotive catalysts. This is verified and audited by TÜV Süd in accordance with ISO 14021.

 Download TÜV Verification Statement

Your Decision makes the Difference


One kilogram of recycled precious metals saves up to 33 tons of CO2 compared to primary material. This equals the average carbon dioxide emissions of a new EU passenger car driving over 305,000 kilometers.

* based on International Platinum Group Metals Association reports from 2022 and 2023

Benefit from the Highest Quality and a Responsible Supply Chain


We are one of the largest recyclers of precious metals globally and are continuously expanding our worldwide recycling capacities and capabilities. This allows us to close the loop for further waste containing precious metals. Between 2018 and 2026, we will have invested a total of 300 million euros in further capacities in Europe, North America, and Asia.

And our ambitions go much further: We will be carbon-neutral by 2025 and reach net zero in 2033 for our own operations (Scope 1&2). By 2033 we will reduce our indirect carbon emissions (Scope 3) by 50% compared to 2020. We aim to lead by example and to propel positive change in our industry. Learn more about our  commitment to sustainability.

You can rely on our trusted precious metal quality and compliance standards as certified by LBMA, LPPM, RMI, and RJC. To ensure that the precious metals in our value chain originate from legal and ethical sources, our policies and processes often go even beyond regulatory requirements and industry frameworks. Learn more about our  responsible precious metals sourcing.

Circlear 100% recycled precious metals is available for many products made with Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Iridium, Gold, and Silver. Already a major share of our precious metal product portfolio can be offered as Circlear. Whatever your application or product, we will find the right solution!  Please contact us on individual requests.

  • Chemical products ​
  • Catalytic gauzes​
  • Chemical and emission catalysts​
  • Materials for probing​
  • Electrical contacts​
  • Components for glass production
  • Highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) ​

We keep track of the recycled precious metal content by using a mass balance approach. Circlear’s 100% recycling content has been verified by TÜV Süd according to ISO 14021. For every quantity of Circlear precious metals, we guarantee that the equivalent quantity of precious metals from secondary sources entered our production process.

 Download TÜV Verification Statement


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