Porocarb® – high performance carbon additives for high energy Li-ion batteries

Master your electrode challenges with Porocarb®

High energy battery applications have the need for high energy density, fast charge, power, cycle life and low cost. These battery KPIs are interconnected making it challenging for cell designers to optimize all factors, e.g. increasing energy density typically leads to decreased power. Taking the example of electric vehicles, new cathode and anode designs are required, bringing more complexity to the system. One solution to meet these challenges is to add a new kind of high-performance carbon additive, allowing to actively optimize the electrode porosity. Adding this new degree of freedom to the cell design enables to tune electrical and ionic conductivity by using a synergetic carbon mix. The right carbon mix allows to keep the carbon content low while maximizing the active material content.

Performance benefits in cathode Performance benefits in Si-anode Processing Benefits
enhanced discharge extended cycle life non-agglomerated powder
optimized active material utilization reduced gassing fit existing slurry process
improved energy output good high temperature stability synergetic with other carbon additives

Why Porocarb® should become part of your high energy cathode formulation?

Porocarb® has the unique feature to provide an open inner porosity and, thus is generating pathways for Li-Ion transportation and a local electrolyte reservoir in highly densified and thick electrodes. Our product grades are designed to fit the voids of various active materials and enabling a dense electrode design to maximize active material utilization. This helps to meet cost efficient, high energy battery designs. Further Porocarb® is synergetic with carbon black and carbon nanotubes, keeping the overall carbon additive amount low.

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How Porocarb® can improve your anode in high energy cell design?

More and more silicon based active materials are added to Li-ion battery anode formulations to increase the energy density. As a result, the overall electrode conductivity is reduced and Si expansion causes more expansion and, thus mechanical stress. One way to overcome these challenges is to use an advanced carbon additive mix, including Porocarb®. The single particle nature and inner porosity of Porocarb® helps to mitigate these challenges by providing a more homogeneous electrolyte distribution and a more stable electrical connection.

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Battery Electrodes

Easy dispersible materials: the key to high quality battery electrodes

The non-agglomerated single particle Porocarb® powder is very easy to disperse and perfectly works together with state-of-the-art battery materials and processes. It is essential to use Porocarb® in combination with other carbon additives like carbon black or carbon nanotubes. Porocarb® creates synergies between these carbon additives and enables the best utilization of each additive, while keeping the overall carbon additive content low.

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