Porocarb® – high performance carbon additives for high power Li-ion batteries

Master your electrode challenges with Porocarb®

High power battery applications face the challenge of temperature cut-off at high discharge rates, e.g. power tools. Battery cells designed for these applications need good electrical and ionic conductivity while providing a good thermal behavior. To address these challenges cell designers require a very-well defined carbon and pore network in the electrodes. While classic carbon additives build a well-defined carbon percolation, it is Porocarb® which in addition enhances the porosity and improves the thermal behavior. Working in synergy Porocarb® together with classic carbon additives provide porosity and an carbon excellent electric conductive network to bring your power cells to the next level.

Performance benefits Processing benefits
Enhanced discharge Non-agglomerated powder
Avoid temperature cut-off Fit existing slurry process
Superior cell durability Synergetic with other carbon additives
Battery Temperature

With its outstanding thermal conductive properties Porocarb® keeps the overall cell temperature low

Our synthetic carbon additive Porocarb® opens the opportunity to specifically incorporate well-defined macro-pores into the electrode – an innovative design feature to overcome Li-ion diffusion limitations at high currents. With its outstanding thermal conductive properties Porocarb® keeps the overall cell temperature at the low levels even at high currents. In synergy with carbon black or carbon nanotubes Porocarb® enables high discharge rates and a better utilization of your active material leading to higher energy output.

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Battery Electrodes

Easy dispersible materials: the key to high quality battery electrodes

The non-agglomerated single particle Porocarb® powder is very easy to disperse and perfectly works together with state-of-the-art battery materials and processes. It is essential to use Porocarb® in combination with other carbon additives like carbon black or carbon nanotubes. Porocarb® creates synergies between these carbon additives and enables the best utilization of each additive, while keeping the overall carbon additive content low.

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