Our application process for your idea

Here is your opportunity to turn your idea for a precious metals chemistry product into reality at Heraeus. It will still be your idea, however. You are responsible for developing it and driving it forward independently. Find out more about the process.

Application process

Apply online

The first step is to tell us about your idea. Describe your idea and explain what you need from Heraeus to be able to execute your idea successfully. Please describe your idea for us briefly and give us some information about yourself.

Telephone interview

We will review your initial description of your idea, and if we are interested in it, we will contact you for a telephone interview. You’ll have the opportunity to present your idea to us and to ask questions. We look forward to talking with you.

Present your idea to us

If we are still interested in your idea after the phone interview, and you still want to execute it at Heraeus, we’ll invite you to pitch the idea to Heraeus. You’ll make a detailed presentation to the management of Heraeus Precious Metals about your research idea and we’ll discuss together how to implement it.

Heraeus makes the decision

Then we make a decision internally about whether we can offer you a research grant. We are open to your ideas at any time. Apply when your idea has matured to the point that you want to present it to us. There is no application deadline and your idea will not be competing against ideas from other potential entrepreneurs.

Implement your idea here at Heraeus

Of course we hope that you will choose to work with Heraeus if we decide in your favor. You will then have up to three years to bring your idea to life at Heraeus. During this time you will receive a research grant. We offer attractive options for the time after successful execution of your idea, depending on what the idea is.