Webinar Next generation ODS alloys

Next Generation ODS Alloys – How DPH Strong Can Impact Your Glass Manufacturing.

Platinum and platinum alloys such as platinum-rhodium are indispensable for the glass industry to produce high quality glass. In times of volatile and extraordinarily high rhodium prices, how can high-quality glass be produced economically? Heraeus addressed this challenge through the development of our latest generation of ODS alloys – DPH Strong. DPH-strong inherited the well-known properties of our existing DPH material portfolio, while simultaneously improving its high temperature properties. For certain applications, DPH Strong even enables to completely remove rhodium as an additive in platinum alloys, while in other applications the amount of precious metal can be decreased by 50 %.

Get to know our newest additions to the DPH-family: Pt DPH Strong and PtRh10 DPH Strong. Discuss potential use cases with our experts!

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Topic How DPH Strong Can Impact Your Glass Manufacturing
Date Wednesday, 5th October 2022
Time 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm CEST
Location Online (GoToWebinar)
Speakers Sophie Franchitto, Heraeus Precious Metals
Dr. Matthias Wegner, Heraeus Precious Metals
Moderator Alexander Link, Heraeus Precious Metals


Sophie Franchitto, Technical Sales Manager at Heraeus Precious Metals (Business Line: Functional Materials)

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Sophie Franchitto is a metallurgist and started her professional career in R&D with precious metals. She has been working at Heraeus for 14 years. She is responsible for technical sales in the glass industry at Heraeus Precious Metals. Her working day is dedicated to precious metals and glass.

Dr. Matthias Wegner, Head of Innovation at Heraeus Precious Metals (Business Line: Functional Materials)

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Matthias Wegner is a Doctor of Physics. He started his professional career as a postdoc at the University of Muenster. He joined Heraeus 4 years ago. Dr. Matthias Wegner is responsible for the development of PGM alloys for the glass making industry as well as for the coordination of development activities at Heraeus Precious Metals, Functional Materials.