Heraeus Precious Metals Virtual Forum Nov 2021

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Virtual Precious Metals Forum

Traditionally, every year in November, Heraeus Precious Metals hosts its Precious Metals Forum in Hanau. While we would prefer to hold a physical event and to meet with you in person, we are delighted to host our annual Precious Metals Forum virtually this year. And we specifically call it “Virtual Precious Metals Forum” as it differs from other webinars that we have conducted in the past 18 months due to its’s enriched program!

Apart from two highly informative precious metal related presentations by our renowned guest speakers, we are very much looking forward to enjoying the chocolates of Original Beans with you!

The optional tasting - for which you will receive a chocolate tasting kit prior to the event - will be conducted virtually and is followed by an also optional networking opportunity through the online platform wonder.me.

Join our Virtual Precious Metals Forum for the latest market insights and use the opportunity to connect with us.

Please note that all presentations will be held in English. After each presentation you will have the opportunity to ask questions in the Q&A session. 

**Please note that registration is required to participate. Once the event has reached maximum capacity, a waitlist will open. 


02:00 pm – 02:10 pm Welcome by Heraeus (Speakers: André Christl & Henrik Marx)

02:10 pm – 02:35 pm “Is Gold a Sustainable Investment for German Investors?” + Q&A (Speaker: John Reade)

02:35 pm – 03:00 pm "Evolution of the PGM mining sector: from ore to products" + Q&A (Speaker: Dr. David Jollie)

03:00 pm – 03:45 pm Chocolate Tasting by Original Beans (Speaker: Ted Steinebach)

03:45 pm – 03:50 pm Wrap-up

03:50 pm – 04:15 pm Networking - Meet & Greet Heraeus colleagues and other participants (wonder.me)

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John Reade - Chief Market Strategist, World Gold Council

HPM Virtual Forum 2021 - John Reade

John Reade joined the World Gold Council in February 2017 as Chief Market Strategist. He is responsible for producing strategy and developing insights on the gold market; leading the global dialogue by engaging with leading economists, academics, policy makers, fund managers and investors on gold; and leading the WGC’s research team.

John has over 30 years’ experience in the gold industry and related fields, most recently as a partner and gold strategist with Paulson & Co for the past seven years. Prior to that, he worked as a precious metals strategist at UBS for 10 years; a gold equity analyst in South Africa for 5 years; and over 8 years he held various positions in production and project evaluation in the gold division of Gencor, then a leading South African mining house.

John has a degree in Mining Engineering from the Royal School of Mines, a constituent of Imperial College, London.

Dr. David Jollie - Head of Sales and Market Insight, Anglo American Platinum

HPM Virtual Forum 2021 - David Jollie

Dr. David Jollie is Head of Sales and Market Insight at Anglo American Platinum. Before joining Anglo American in 2016, he spent five years as an analyst and as head of research at Mitsui Precious Metals, covering all of the precious metals globally. He also previously spent more than twelve years working at Johnson Matthey, where he undertook a variety of roles, all focused on the platinum group metals. He began working there as a development chemist focusing on diesel exhaust emissions before moving into the precious metals marketing business as a market analyst covering the demand side. For the last four years at Johnson Matthey he wrote their leading reviews of supply and demand in the platinum group metal market, travelling frequently to meet with end users and producers.

He has a degree in chemistry from the University of Oxford and a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Nottingham in the UK.

André Christl - CEO, Heraeus Precious Metals

HPM Virtual Forum 2021 - André Christl

André Christl took over as President of the Global Business Unit Heraeus Precious Metals in April 2017. He studied Business Administration at the University of Cologne. He later gained broad experience in senior management with a focus on Finance and Treasury from companies in the automotive supply and pharmaceutical industries. He joined Heraeus in 2009, heading Group Finance. Afterwards, he managed the Trading Division starting in 2011 and headed the Global Business Unit Heraeus Metal Management from 2015 to 2017.

Henrik Marx - Global Head of Business Line Trading, Heraeus Precious Metals

HPM Virtual Forum 2021 - Henrik Marx

Henrik Marx is heading global precious metals trading since June 2020. He has been working with Heraeus for over 16 years and has played a key role in various functions for Heraeus Precious Metals.

From 2018 onwards he was responsible for minted products as Director of Sales for Argor-Heraeus in Mendrisio (CH), after successfully managing Heraeus Ltd. in Hong Kong from 2015 to 2018 as General Manager.

Chocolate tasting

How does it work?

  • During the event registration, you can also register for an additional chocolate tasting.
  • We are collaborating with Original Beans who will ship a Chocolate tasting kit to the address provided by you. Please find their privacy policy  here
  • A Chocolate Sommelier from Original Beans will conduct the tasting.

What do you need for the tasting?

  • Your tasting box
  • A glass of water
  • A napkin
  • And a pen

Networking session through wonder.me

What is wonder.me?

  • Wonder.me is a virtual room where participants can “meet“ and communicate via audio and/or video.

How does wonder.me work?

  • Wonder.me is like a physical space, only virtual. The space is called a “Room”, and groups of two people or more can meet in so-called “Circles”.
  • You cannot hear or see conversations unless you create or join a Circle. Circles can also be locked for privacy.
  • Every person in a Room is represented by a small avatar; by clicking, holding, and letting go, you can move with the avatar around the Room.
  • You can open a Circle with someone else, or join an existing Circle, by moving close to them and letting go; this will open a video chat.

How do I move around the Room?

  • Click anywhere in the Room with your mouse and hold the click down. Watch your avatar glide over to where you want to be.

How will the networking on wonder.me work?

  • The link to the wonder.me Room will be provided by the presenter in the chat function of the previous webinar session.
  • Please click on the link to join the networking session. With a few login steps (name and avatar) you can join the Room. A short video introducing the tool can be found  here
  • You can move around between different Circles where Heraeus employees and participants are available for discussion and exchange.
  • A Support Team is available in the Networking Room throughout the session in the top left corner of the “Room”. You are welcome to approach them with your avatar for technical help and assistance.

Regarding the processing of the User’s personal data in Wonder.me, you can find information in their  Privacy Policy