10 Tips to avoid Pitfalls in Your Precious Metals Catalyst Supply Chain

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries rely heavily on catalysts – nearly 80% of all their reactions require them. This is particularly true for precious metal catalysts, which are critical for numerous reactions. However, evolving trends, such as green energy and biofuels, render these scarce resources even rarer and cause prices to fluctuate.

So, should every chemical company become a precious metals expert to ensure a secure supply chain? No need for that. Our whitepaper details ten key strategies to successfully navigate this complex landscape.

Learn how you can optimize your precious metals catalysts supply chain, ranging from tips on selecting the right catalyst and thinking about scale-up during R&D, to maintaining flexibility, consolidating and protecting assets, and keeping an eye on compliance. The guide also covers how to efficiently utilizing digital solutions and customer platforms, and the importance of giving early consideration to the carbon footprint.

Arm yourself with the specialist knowledge for frictionless precious metals catalyst sourcing.

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