mAgic DA295: Non Pressure Ag Sinter Paste for Power Discrete Packages

The requirements for connecting materials in power packages with regard to material properties and processability: mAgic Sinter Paste DA295 is a a lead-free material with outstanding performance to increase device lifetime, it enables an increase in power density and allows elevated operation temperature.

In Power Package, current solder & adhesive materials technology comes with several limitations and drawbacks in terms of material properties and processability. To overcome this limitations a new interconnect materials are required.

mAgic Sinter Paste DA295-Series with special material formulation improve thermal performance compared to solder & adhesive and meet existing production equipments as a drop in solution. It is is ready for high volume manufacturing by providing consistent dispensing performance. This pressureless sinter paste increases device lifetime, enables a further increase in power density and allow elevated operation temperature. With mAgic DA295 forming a die attach layer without pressure and avoiding mechanical compression on the die is possible.

Non pressure sinter DA295 is used on power discrete packages which are typically power MOSFET, Diodes, Thyristors etc, where is demand for high power and high reliability.

Key benefits of mAgic DA295:

  • Improves device reliability
  • High thermal conductivity for longer lifetime
  • High electrical conductivity improves device efficency
  • Enables high operating temperature
  • Lead-free and halogen zero formulation for environmental compliance
  • No flux residue, no cleaning required
  • Consistent dipensing performance
  • Wide processing window