The next step: Sintering is the key to future power electronics

In modern power electronics applications, requirements are becoming more demanding. Soldered connections are reaching their limits. Sintering is increasingly becoming indispensable. Dennis Ang, sintering expert at Heraeus, knows what challenges the new technology introduces and what users must consider when making the transition.

2019/04/25 - New solder paste from Heraeus enables further reliable miniaturization in automotive electronics

The right chemistry for greater reliability.

Heraeus Electronics has developed its new solder paste Microbond SMT650, which guarantees consistently high surface resistance.

E-mobility boom in Japan requires best power electronics solutions from Heraeus with highest reliability and performance

15.04.2019: New sintering solutions from Heraeus perfectly match the growing demand of high-performance power electronics in Japan. Innovative materials revolutionize chip contacting, yet they increase power density and lengthen the service life of components to meet Japan’s top-quality standards. With its Die Top System, Heraeus now offers an efficient and flexible solution.

Heraeus presents world’s first gold-coated silver bonding wire for semiconductor technology to ensure high performance at significant lower cost

20.03.2019: In the highly competitive memory market, no adequate substitute for gold bonding wire has been developed – until now. With AgCoat Prime, Heraeus Electronics introduces gold-coated silver bonding wire that provides the bondability and reliability of gold wire, enabling significant net cost savings.

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