Expanding capacities for cancer therapy

As a long-time partner in the battle against cancer, we at Heraeus Precious Metals business line Pharmaceutical Ingredients have made a significant investment into our new state-of-the-art production line for platinum containing highly active pharmaceutical ingredients (hAPIs). Take a sneak peek of our new facilities in our video.

"My hAPI team is your road to success."

Dr. Marcus Hannakam

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Dr. Gabi Ohlendorf

"Comprehensive regulatory support is my passion."

Ines zum Hebel

"Our R & D experts - your asset in all CMC phases."

Dr. Holger Rauter

Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Cancer cases are globally on the rise, causing an increasing demand for their treatment. Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (hAPIs) are the key compounds for chemotherapies, combination therapies in particular​.
Heraeus Precious Metals Pharmaceutical Ingredients Business Line is specialized in the production of generic hAPIs as well as the exclusive synthesis of cytotoxic compounds from the research stage to registration to market launch.