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Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) is essential to our identity and culture. We actively encourage different perspectives, put together diverse teams, provide equal opportunity, and insist on real cultural change toward a truly inclusive work environment.

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Targets and Key Figures

We believe that diversity makes us better—better at understanding our markets and customers, at generating business opportunities, and at being innovative. Consequently, we have made DE&I a top strategic issue.

Diversity is part of our six core values at Heraeus Precious Metals. All dimensions of Diversity are important to us. But we are focusing in particular on promoting gender and international balance. Therefore, we have set ourselves ambitious targets to be reached by 2025:

  • Gender Diversity: We fill at least 40% of all global management positions with women.
  • Cultural Diversity: We increase the international Diversity in our global management team to at least 50%.
  • We develop and train our leaders as they play an important role in creating an inclusive culture.
  • We promote equal opportunities to ensure fair access and opportunities for all employees at Heraeus Precious Metals.

Where we stand

At year-end 2022, women accounted for 37% and non-Germans for 42% of our Global Management Team. Our company’s age structure, including for executives and managers, is well balanced across all age cohorts. At year-end 2022, our average employee was 42 years old.

While making progress toward quantifiable targets is important, diversity also has a qualitative aspect that cannot be measured by KPIs—atmosphere and culture. We therefore address the topic from different angles.

Deniz Serifsoy, Executive Vice President HR & Communications at Heraeus Precious Metals

“We have already reached our original goal of having at least 35 percent women in our Global Management Team in 2021. But we are not stopping there and have adjusted our targets: By 2025, we not only want to maintain this proportion of women in our global management team but increase it to 40 percent."

Deniz Serifsoy
Executive Vice President HR & Communications at Heraeus Precious Metals

What our employees worldwide think about diversity

"What does Diversity mean to you?"

We have asked our employees worldwide and here is what they said.

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