Gas Purification Catalysts

Many processes and applications require feed gases of the highest purity and quality. The use of catalysts is essential for the manufacture of those high purity industrial gases. Catalysts from the HeraPur® series meet the challenge of removing contaminants from industrial exhausts and eliminating the climate killers, such as N2O and CH4. Purities up to 99.99 % can be achieved.

HeraPur®-catalysts are ceramic supports coated with precious and/or non-precious metals. A wide range of different carrier materials such as Al2O3, SiO2, TiO2 in a great variety of shapes such as pellets, spheres and honeycombs serve a large spectrum of catalytic applications.

Synthetic air, N2, O2, H2, noble gases, etc. are typical industrial gases which are often required in high purities.

By using HeraPur® catalysts all common impurities, such as H2, O2, CO and hydrocarbons can be removed efficiently even at low temperatures. In many cases the residual concentrations of the impurities amount to only a few ppb.

Catalyst recommendation for the removal of impurities (examples):


Temperature in °C

Dwell time in s


CO 100 – 220 1 - 2 K-02133
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H2 100 – 220 1 - 2 K-02133
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CO 350 – 450 1 - 2 K-02133  Buy online
H2 350 – 450 1 - 2 K-02133  Buy online
CH4 350 – 450 1 - 2 K-02133  Buy online
O2(H2) ambient - 120 5,000 – 10,000 K-02133
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O2(H2) ambient - 120 5,000 – 10,000 K-0264  Buy online
O2(H2) 250 - 450 5,000 – 10,000 K-02131  Buy online
HC 250 - 450 5,000 – 10,000 K-02131  Buy online

Compared with purely thermal oxidation, catalytic combustion is an economically attractive variation. It functions at considerably lower temperatures and it is less demanding on the materials. Also, it gives longer service lives of the equipment components due to lower thermal loads.

HeraPur® catalysts based on precious metals and/or non-precious metals guarantee the reliable purification of complex pollutant compositions and also those containing FCHC. The catalysts are used in various industrial processes, e.g. in chemical production, printing shops, paint shops, the electronics and food processing industries, and also in the purification of waste and ground water.

Catalyst recommendation (examples)

Impurities Products Recommended Catalysts Metal(s)
CO, HC H2O, CO2 K-02130
Pd, Pt
Pd, Pt
Cu, Mn
Halogenated Hydrocarbons, Dioxins, Furanes H2O, CO2, HX K-02130
Pd, Pt
Pd, Pt
O3 O2 K-0802 Cu, Mn

The public discussion in the climate debate is focussing more and more on N2O emissions: N2O is 310 times more effective as a greenhouse gas than CO2.

N2O emissions arise, for example, in the production of nitric acid and other large scale technological processes and also in medical applications. Without any problems, HeraPur® catalysts decompose N2O into its harmless components nitrogen and oxygen. For this there is a choice between two alternatives:

  • Special doped Rhenium catalysts – for the highly efficient treatment of dry, low-oxygen gas streams
  • Palladium support catalysts – for the treatment of moist and oxygen-rich volume streams.

Inert gases are used in the thermal post-treatment of polymer raw materials, for instance in the SSP process (Solid State Polycondensation) for polyester materials. The impurities, which are enriched in the inert gas, are organic compounds, such as aldehydes, glycols and oligomers.

These impurities are removed from the inert gas in circulation by means of catalytic oxidation. Heraeus catalysts can be used in this process with a minimum (stoichiometric) excess of oxygen. The purified gas can be fed back into the circulation immediately after a subsequent drying step.

Also, Heraeus catalysts are used in the purification of exhaust gases in PTA equipment.

Catalyst Options:

Catalysts Metal(s) Samples
K-02120 Pt/Pd  Buy online
K-02130 Pt/Pd  Buy online
K-02131 Pt/Pd  Buy online
K-02134 Pt/Pd
K-0802 Cu/Mn

It is not only the food processing industry which is showing an increasing demand for CO2 of highest purity but also many other markets. Both CO2 from natural sources and industrial CO2 often contain a large number of impurities such as CO, methane and aromatics which must be removed before further use.

By using HeraPur® catalysts high degrees of purity can be achieved specifically to meet the quality requirements of the food processing industry.

Catalyst recommendation:

Impurity Temperature in °C Velocity Space in h-1 Catalyst
CH4 350 - 450 4.000 - 6.000 K-02133
BTX, HC 300 - 450 4.000 - 6.000 K-02131
H2, HC 80 - 200 5.000 - 8.000 K-0264

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