Chemical Process Catalysts

Most of the chemical and power-relevant processes in the industry are based on catalysts. Profit from Heraeus deep know how on precious metal catalysts, the broad catalyst portfolio and the services Heraeus offers beyond.

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Chemical Process Catalysts based on Precious Metals

More than 80 percent of all reactions in the chemical industry are realized with the help of catalysts. Supported catalysts are among heterogeneous catalysts all-important. Heraeus develops together with its customers individual chemical process catalysts and help them to expand their market position.

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Individualized Catalyst Optimization

Many chemical and physical parameters can affect a catalyst. For this reason, Heraeus offers its customers expert advice to identify the best catalyst for a specific process. In many cases, very good results can already be obtained with a standard catalyst product.

However, if the requirements go beyond this, the experts of Heraeus will be able to develop the right tailor-made catalyst for its customers.

Services around Chemical Process Catalysts

Production of Chemical Process Catalysts

Production of Chemical Process Catalysts

The production of catalysts is a sensitive process in which each step has a direct effect on the quality of the catalyst. During the manufacture of a catalyst, a support material more or less inert to the reaction conditions is coated with the catalytically active substance in the form of an aqueous solution.

Due to their activities and selectivities, catalysts are mainly based on the platinum group metals (PGM’s) platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, but also on the elements gold, silver, and rhenium, and play an important part in chemistry.

According to demand this support can be based on activated carbons, aluminas, silicas, calcium carbonate or zeolites in various shapes, such as rings, pellets, extrudates, powders and monoliths.

Applications for Supported Catalysts

Supported Catalysts based on Precious Metals are used in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry. They also play an important role in the purification of industrial gases and exhausts and are increasingly gaining in importance for the conversion of biomass in the field of green industry.

Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry

Currently, fossil feedstock still form the basis of most products in the chemical industry. The use of biomass from renewable feedstocks for the production of chemicals is taking off the ground.

Heraeus' precious metal-based catalysts are developed for the conversion of various biomass feedstocks into value-added biobased chemicals.

Gas Purification

Gas Purification

Many processes and applications require feed gases of the highest purity and quality. The use of catalysts is essential for the manufacture of those high purity industrial gases. Heraeus Precious Metals Catalysts meet the challenge of removing contaminants from industrial exhausts and eliminating the climate killers, such as N2O and CH4.

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Further Applications

Hydrogen Peroxide

Fine Chemicals, Agrochemicals and Pharma

Space Propulsion

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