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Catalysts have a vital role to play in our efforts to decarbonize and advance our economy. At Heraeus, we provide reliable and efficient precious metal-based catalyst solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Chemical Process Catalysts based on Precious Metals

Catalysts represent a key technology to make industrial processes more efficient and sustainable. In fact, over 80% of all industrial chemical processes involve the use of one or more catalysts. Supported precious metal-based catalysts have widespread applications in the chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries due to their outstanding activities and selectivities.

Heraeus Delivers Customized Catalyst Solutions

Heraeus offers deep technical know-how on precious metal-based catalysts and can deliver customized catalyst solutions to our customers. Furthermore, Heraeus provides integrated precious metal recycling solutions, which can help you to significantly lower your carbon footprint. At a time when the chemical, pharmaceutical and energy industries are subject to extensive transformations, we are determined to provide you with high-quality, cost-efficient and sustainable precious metal-based catalyst solutions to help you tackle your challenges effectively.

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Discover more about the Applications for Supported Precious Metal Catalysts

Catalysts for Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen Economy

The emergence of hydrogen (H2) as an energy carrier will undoubtedly lead to new challenges and opportunities on the catalyst front.

Heraeus offers leading precious metal-based catalyst solutions for the generation of hydrogen via electrolysis, combustion of hydrogen in fuel cells, decomposition of hydrogen carriers such as ammonia (NH3), hydrogenation/dehydrogenation of liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHCs), hydrogen and oxygen purification, methanation, as well as H2 burners.

 Find out more about the Hydrogen Purification
 Find out more about the Storing and Recovery of Hydrogen

Catalysts for Renewable Feedstocks

Renewable Feedstocks - Green Chemistry

Sustainable and renewable feedstocks, such as biomass and plastic waste, are gaining importance in the chemical industry and can help to gradually replace fossil feedstocks. Heraeus has developed precious metal-based catalysts that are suitable for the conversion of various biomass feedstocks into value-added bio-based chemicals.
 Find out more about renewable feedstocks

Heraeus also provides catalyst solutions for the upgrading of biomass-derived biogas to biomethane.
 Find out more about methanation

Catalysts for Bulk Chemicals

Gas Purification

Many industrial processes and applications require feed gases of the highest purity and quality. Precious metal-based catalysts are essential for the manufacture of high purity industrial gases.

HeraPur® catalysts can be used for a variety of applications, ranging from the removal of harmful greenhouse gases, such as nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4), to the deep removal of carbon monoxide (CO) from synthesis gas streams.
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Catalysts for Bulk Chemicals

Bulk Chemicals

Precious metal-based catalysts are an integral part of chemical manufacturing and downstream processing.

Heraeus offers precious metal catalysts for a variety of (selective) hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, oxidation, reduction, methanation, and reforming reactions. We are also a leading catalyst provider for the industrial production of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) via the anthraquinone process.

Catalysts for Fine Chemicals, Agro and Pharma

Fine Chemicals, Agro and Pharma

Precious metal-based catalyst technologies play an important role in the production of several fine and specialty chemical products, which are found in the flavors & fragrances, herbicides, and pesticides industries. In the pharmaceutical industry, catalyst materials find application in the syntheses of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) – highly complex, organic molecules that are derived via multi-step syntheses.

 Find out more about our broad HeraSelect® Catalyst Portfolio on Activated Carbon

Catalysts for Space Propulsion Systems

Space Propulsion Systems

With the strong recent increase in commercial space products and services, the demand for catalyst technologies that are used in the propulsion systems of rockets and satellites is rising. Heraeus has established itself as a market leader for iridium-based (Ir) catalyst systems that are utilized in the decomposition of the propellant hydrazine. Our platinum-based catalysts (Pt) also find application in the decomposition of green propellant alternatives, such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

 Find out more about Space Propulsion Catalysts

Our Latest News

Precious metal based microsphere catalysts to bridge the gap between batch & continuous processes

Precious metal based microsphere catalysts to bridge the gap between batch & continuous processes

Franziska Heck and Artur Gantarev of Heraeus Precious Metals discuss the development of precious metal-based carbon microspheres catalysts for the pharma industry.

 Read more in Speciality Chemicals Magazine - May/June 2024

Speciality Chemicals Magazine - Jan/Feb 2024

Catalytic conversions

Heraeus Precious Metals, one of the global leaders in the field, used a recent webinar entitled ‘Optimising precious metal catalysts for finechem and pharmaceutical applications’ to make a number of key announcements. These included a new ligand and a new development process, with a further new catalyst following shortly afterwards.

 Read more in Speciality Chemicals Magazine - Jan/Feb 2024

thoughts on using catalysts in existing and future chemical processes

Dr. Spod shared his thoughts on using catalysts in existing and future chemical processes.

Most energy sources and industrially produced chemicals are derived from fossil fuel-based resources. The initial investment costs associated with these processes are very high. So are the chances that they will continue to be used for decades using these existing processes. Nevertheless, these processes can and will be optimized continuously with respect to their sustainability and atom economy.

 Read more in The Catalyst Review - September 2023


Schlüssel für den Wasserstofftransport via Ammoniak

In der fortlaufenden Suche nach innovativen Lösungen, um den Übergang zu erneuerbaren Energien zu gestalten, verdient eine Substanz besondere Aufmerksamkeit – Ammoniak. Mit einer etwa 1,5-fach höheren volumetrischen Energiedichte als flüssiger Wasserstoff und einer vergleichsweise einfachen Verflüssigung und Handhabung zeichnet sich Ammoniak als potenzieller Wasserstoffträger aus.

 Read more in CHEMANAGER - August 2023 (only available in german)

chemweek article

PGM catalyst demand staying strong

Emission control catalysts have traditionally been the main application area of global consumption of platinum group metals (PGMs) for catalysts, but as the automotive industry transitions from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs), demand for PGMs will decline. However, demand for precious metal catalysts will remain strong, with growth potential seen in alternative applications such as fine chemicals and hydrogen production.

 Read more in Chemweek - June 2023

Precious metals and their diverse potential

Precious Metal and their diverse Potential

Specialty Chemicals Magazine

 Read more in Joomag - Jan/Feb 2023 (online available)

Process of (pre-)reforming, hydrogen purification and tail-gas combustion

Heraeus Precious Metals and Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering AB: Strategic partnership to deliver catalysts for the hydrogen economy

The partnership focuses on catalysts in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) systems and (reverse) Water-Gas-Shift (rWGS) applications.It will boost both companies’ standings in the emerging field of SOFCs and the hydrogen economy.

 Read here the press release

Ruthenium-based Catalysts and Ammonia Cracking

Ruthenium-based Catalysts and Ammonia Cracking

Precious Metal Figures Prominently in the Energy Equation

 Read more in the Special Feature of THE CATALYST REVIEW - December 2022

Edelmetalle und ihr Potenzial für Zukunftsthemen

Edelmetalle und ihr Potenzial für Zukunftsthemen - Wie Edelmetallkatalysatoren in vielen Feldern der Chemie neue Synthesewege ermöglichen

Durch innovative Edelmetall-Katalysatoren können fossile durch nachwachsende Rohstoffe ersetzt und neue Wirkstoffmoleküle in Pharma-, Agro- oder Feinchemie gebildet werden.

 Read more in CHEMANAGER - December 2022 (only available in german)


Joint research project for the sustainable production of ethene

As part of the SynGas2Ethene project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Heraeus Precious Metals is working with project partners to develop a technology pathway for the sustainable production of ethene. Read here the press release.
New precious metal catalyst to make cellulose usable as raw material for chemicals

New precious metal catalyst to make cellulose usable as raw material for chemicals

The new ruthenium-based precious metal catalyst offers the best conditions for efficient formation of DFF from 5-HMF for versatile use in bio-based products.

 Read here the press release.

Precious metals for green chemistry

Precious Metals for Green Chemicals

Precious metal-based catalysts for the efficient conversion of 5-hydroxymethyl furfural (5-HMF) into 2,5-diformylfuran (DFF) to produce phenolic resins.

 Read more in HYDROCARBON ENGINEERING - September 2022

Catalysts for the Lignin Conversion

New Precious Metal Catalyst from Heraeus Successful in Lignin Conversion

31.03.2022: Heraeus Precious Metals has developed an industrial precious metal catalyst for efficient lignin conversion in collaboration with Johannes Kepler University Linz. The catalyst is highly suitable for the conversion of the natural substance lignin to phenolic components on an industrial scale and has already been registered for patent.

 Read more about this catalyst in our press release.

Black Powder for Green Chemicals

Black Powder for Green Chemicals

Heraeus Precious Metal-based Catalysts for the Efficient Conversion of Lignin into Phenolic Resins

 Find out more in the Industry Perspective of THE CATALYST REVIEW - February 2022

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