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To fight the climate change, hydrogen plays an important role as a transportable carrier of energy. However, in order to make the turnaround happen, a lot of challenges need to be taggled and solved, beginning with producing the amount of hydrogen needed to fulfill the energy demand.

Today, most electrolytic hydrogen is produced via Alkaline Electrolysis. However, one single technology will not be sufficient to cover the complete demand. All technologies need to be employed in the best possible way. That is why Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysis will play a particularly important role, especially in terms of production of Green Hydrogen. It is best suited to convert the fluctuating energy output of renewable energies, such as solar, hydro and wind energy.

For the mentioned PEM electrolysis precious metals are required – some of them being very scarce, like iridium – and they will be needed in significant quantities. Also, sequential processes like the  purification of hydrogen , or the conversion into other forms for easier  storage and transport , require precious metals.

Thus, precious metals are indispensable for the Hydrogen Revolution, and therefore the hydrogen ramp-up requires a raw material strategy. This strategy needs to cover three important aspects:

  • Innovations to maximize the hydrogen output with the available raw materials or cover them with high performance alternatives, such as the Heraeus  low-iridium materials
  • Strategies to secure the supply with scarce materials like iridium and to manage the specific challenges like high price volatility with advanced  precious metals trading services
  • Additional capacities and workflows for the  recycling of end-of-life materials to recover precious metals to establish a sustainable raw materials loop.

As a precious metals specialist, Heraeus is a skilled partner with high expertise in all necessary fields and has been investing significantly in R&D and hydrogen recycling. What is more, we are actively engaging in the Hydrogen Community, contributing to make the Hydrogen Revolution happen.

Heraeus is a member of various organizations that engage themselves in the Hydrogen economy, among others in  Global Energy Solutions ,  Hydrogen Europe ,  Ammonia Energy Association and  European Clean Hydrogen Alliance .

As well, we are actively taking part in several projects to accelerate the development of solutions that enable the hydrogen ramp up

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Precious Metals Analyst Dr. Julia Richter explains, why Iridium is an indispensable, scarce metal for the hydrogen economy.

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March 23  Supply chain analysis and material demand forecast in strategic technologies and sectors in the EU – A foresight study Raw materials and supply chain Joint Research Centre, EUC
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