Hydrogen Purification

The splitting of water by electrolysis is an efficient technology to produce green hydrogen and oxygen. However, the separation of the gases is not perfect. Depending on the electrolysis technology there is a smaller or larger slip of one gas into the other. To safely process, transport or utilize the gases, these impurities need to be removed.

The Heraeus HeraPur® gas purification catalysts since decades reliably fulfil the task of removing O2 from H2 streams by converting it to H2O - operating at low temperatures and with an efficient use of the applied Platinum Group metals. With new electrolysis technologies and application demands, new generations of catalysts for the deoxygenation and dehydrogenation have been established allowing for even lower precious metal contents and attractive material choices.

Hydrogen Process
No matter which method is used to generate hydrogen: it is always followed by a purification process which is enabled by precious metals catalysts.

Out of our catalyst portfolio we can propose the most efficient solution to ensure and stably meet your purification requirements.

For Hydrogen or Oxygen sources other than water electrolysis of course other impurity profiles apply. Please see our  gas purification page or on our solutions to a  fuel cell operation for further HeraPur® purification technologies.

Your Expert for Hydrogen Purification

Hendrik Spod

Dr. Hendrik Spod

Chemical Catalysts, Emission Catalysts

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