High Temperature Golds

High-temperature golds are burnished golds which are specially designed for high firing temperatures of 1180 to 1230°C. High-temperature gold preparations are based on precious metal powders dissolved in oil and resin systems. Within these preparations, sub-metals work as adhesion promoters as well, ensuring a good mechanical and chemical adhesion after firing.

To achieve the rich silk matt golden appearance that these gold decorations are known for, the fired metal layer needs to be burnished. Before burnishing, the fired metal layer looks dull and matt. The burnishing process pushes the metal particles into the desired order and the ideal golden silk matt look becomes visible. Burnishing is typically carried out with glass fibers, often with the help of burnishing machines. Traditionally however, sea sand was used.

The fired high-temperature gold layer is far thicker than the metal layers of bright golds or matt golds. The stronger metal deposit as well as the high firing temperature have a positive impact on the decoration’s mechanical and chemical resistance. Depending on the firing conditions and the glaze substrate, burnished gold decorations can achieve excellent mechanical and chemical resistance as well as high dishwasher resistance.

High-temperature gold color shades

Due to the high firing temperature, these gold decorations generally have a yellow-red gold color shade. High-temperature white golds are also available, as an alloy of gold/platinum or gold/palladium powder.

High Temperature Gold Application
Example of a high temperature gold application

Applying high-temperature golds

For brush application, liquid high-temperature golds are used. For direct screen printing and decal production, we recommend high-temperature gold pastes.

With their polished silk-like appearance as well as their high chemical and mechanical resistance, high-temperature gold decorations are regularly used for high quality decorations such as tableware and institutional ware. The substrates used here are mostly porcelain and bone china

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