Salts & Solutions for Heterogeneous Catalysts

Most chemical syntheses and processes usually require at least one catalytic step. Catalysts increase the reaction rate and thus make lots of industrial processes feasible and economical. In addition, chemical reactions with catalysts can often be performed efficiently at significantly lower temperatures, which not only saves energy costs but also has a positive effect on the environment (less energy consumption).

Many catalysts are heterogenous catalysts – meaning the catalytic metal is in a solid form and supported on carrier material (e.g. alumina or carbon) while the reactants are mostly gaseous and interact with the catalyst.

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Precious Metal Salts and Solutions for the Coating of Heterogeneous Catalysts

Heraeus offers a variety of precious metals salts and solutions as so-called precursors, needed for the coating of heterogeneous catalysts. Next to our precursors for heterogeneous catalysts which can be found below, we also offer  precursors for emission catalysts.

Application Examples of Precious Metal Precursors

Our precursors can be used for the production of:

  • Reforming catalysts
  • Dehydrogenation catalysts
  • Hydrogenation catalysts
  • …and many more

Below we present application examples of precursors by the respective precious metal

Related Products and Services

Heraeus does not only offer precursors for the production of heterogenous catalysts. We also offer a  broad portfolio of heterogeneous precious metal catalysts ourselves.

Next to our catalyst products, we additionally provide toll manufacturing of heterogeneous catalysts.

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