Crucibles and Dishes

Heraeus goes beyond manufacturing to maximize your benefit! As a leading manufacturer, Heraeus offers a wide range of standardized Platinum Labware like crucibles, dishes and lids directly from stock.

Crucible and Dishes

Covering all lab applications, Heraeus offers world-class quality at competitive pricing. The use of precious metals is still absolutely essential because of their good chemical resistance to aggressive media. Precious metals remain stable even at high temperatures. With our recycling programm you can give your old labware to us to recover your investment.

In today’s Platinum Labware Market, purchasing decisions are based on a variety of requirements:

  • High quality
  • Excellent service
  • Knowledgeable technical support
  • Fast delivery
  • Products according to established standards / norms
  • Full Service Recycling and Precious Metal
  • Management
  • Competitive pricing

Forms and Geometries

Crucibles - Standard Form:

The base tickness given can be increased if necessary to match your requirements. The weights given refer to platinum. Deformation and cracks close to the rim limit the operational life of cruicibles. The rim can be strengthened with an inlaid welded platinum wire to increase its mechanical stability. Welding ensures that no cavities are formed in which residues (impurities) can accumulate.

Crucibles - Cylindrical Form:

You can obtain cylindrical crucibles in a variety of dimensions to meet your requirements (diameter, height and base thickness). Tell us what you want to do and you will receive a tailor-made crucible corresponding to your requirement profile in all current alloy variations or in our DPH materials.


The dish is a laboratory equipment, used for heating solutions. They are typically made of porcelain, ceramics and platinum. Especially platinum dishes, distinguish themselves by their good form stability and weight constancy. Because of the catalytic acceleration of the combustion process they permit rapid sample processing in the laboratory. Dishes are used to evaporate water or other kinds of solvents, for increasing the concentration of dilute solutions or for reducing solutions to dry substances.

We will be delighted to produce other forms and geometries on request.

Reinforced Rim

The stability of dishes can be further increased with the addition of a reinforced rim. Rather than simply increasing the thickness of the upper rim, Heraeus goes a step further with the addition of an inlaid, welded platinum wire. This wire reduces the “wrinkling effect” that most platinum dishes experience, therefore leading to increased life, an easier dish to clean and maintain, and the reduction in sample contamination.

Lids for Crucibles and Dishes

Crucibles are used with a high temperature-resistant crucible cover (or lid) made of a similar material. The lids are typically loose-fitting to allow gases to escape during heating of a sample inside, but in the majority of cases crucibles were used without lids to reach directly oxidizing factors.

They can be supplied for all our standard crucibles and dishes.

Dispersion Hardened (DPH) Alloy

Through a special process, Heraeus has created a Dispersion Hardened (DPH) alloy. The inclusion of finely dispersed zirconia offers an economical way to increase the mechanical strength of the product resulting in longer service times.

Looking for the right material? Our  Material Database may help.

Oil & Petrochemical (OPC) Alloy

Heraeus has designed an alloy made specifically for the Oil & Petrochemical industry. This 5%AuPt alloy is produced in such a way to offer the following benefits:

  • Increased Mechanical Strength
  • Reduction of Premature Wrinkling
  • Tendency to Recrystallization is Reduced
  • Easy Removal of Sample
  • Easier to Clean and Maintain

The Heraeus Promise

The responsibility of our world class products does not end when they are delivered. Experts at Heraeus Platinum Labware will continue to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your sample preparation needs at a level only the manufacturer is able to provide.