The Palladium Standard

Heraeus Precious Metals - Setting the PGM agenda for the year ahead

The Palladium Standard

The Palladium Standard contains a comprehensive evaluation and outlook on the issues we believe will set the PGM agenda for the coming year. This report covers the key factors that affect PGM supply and demand as well as pricing in each year. It follows the publication of  The Platinum Standard earlier this year. Both are issued in collaboration with the SFA (Oxford), a world-renowned authority on platinum group metals.

Palladium Standard 2021

The Palladium Standard 2022

This edition of The Palladium Standard includes the following topics:

  • How the constantly evolving economic situation could affect the precious metals markets
  • Whether the United States Inflation Reduction Act will impact the US automotive market and what the implications are for palladium demand
  • The PGM markets roundup and price outlook for the next six months

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