Recycling Catalysts

Do you manufacture

  • basic chemicals such as ethylene oxide, acetic acid anhydride, nitric acid, vinyl acetate monomers
  • fine chemicals and pharmaceutical ingredients such as vitamins and flavoring agents, parasiticides, or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)
  • high-quality benzene derivatives

and need a specialist to recover precious metals from your catalysts? Put your trust in our expertise and save time, money, and resources.

Expertise in a wide range of materials


We turn supposed ‘waste’ into something new. We recycle catalysts as quickly as possible, thereby helping you to maintain a secure cash flow. As an expert partner in questions pertaining to waste, we support you in handling cross-border logistics.

The catalysts and materials that we recycle for you are as diverse as the industries in which they are used:

  • Powerformer: Platinum/rhenium catalysts on aluminum oxide
  • Reforming: Platinum catalysts on aluminum oxide
  • Dehydrogenation process: Palladium catalysts on aluminum oxide
  • Platinum, palladium, and ruthenium on carbon substrates
  • Catalyst gauzes made of platinum, palladium, and rhodium
  • Residues from homogeneous catalysts
  • Residues from the production of oxo-alcohols
  • Precious-metal-enriched resins

Catalysts charged with solvents present a particular challenge, because they must be thermally pretreated. This does not present a problem for us, however, because we have the world's largest capacity for processing powder catalysts containing precious metals.

Interim financing with precious metal loans

When you order products from us, we offer you the option of financing your precious metals via loans. This is a very simple way to cover you if, for example, a demand for additional precious metal arises at the same time as your new catalyst gauze is being manufactured. With our support, you can optimize your working capital.

Global means local

Heraeus operates recycling globally. We have representatives in all major regions who are very familiar with the local conditions and requirements and can provide support on site. You can rely on our many years of experience and competence in the recycling business.

Additional advantages for you:

  • Various price hedging models
  • Transparent sampling
  • High flexibility when it comes to input materials
  • State of the art technology and equipment
  • Expertise in logistics and waste legislation