Recycling Jewellery Materials

Are you looking for a reliable partner to recycle your jewelry materials? Then you've come to the right place. We specialize in recycling jewelry materials that contain gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. At Heraeus, we recycle production residues such as blanks, chains, or residues, as well as old jewelry.

In addition to selling gold bars, we also take back old bars from dealers and purchasers. Demand for various formats and sizes of bars will vary, depending on the market situation. We will be happy to help you remelt your metal into new Good Delivery bars in the desired size.

Time is money


As a global leader in gold recycling, we know that time is a critical factor for you, and rapid recycling is essential. We ensure that you receive your metal promptly, either physically or through your weight account or monetary remuneration, and can complete our transactions on the same day.

To keep you on the safe side, we also provide logistical support and offer you competitive conditions. You can also benefit from our expertise in hedging and financing.

We are in your neighborhood: We offer our recycling service for all products in the major regions of China (Shanghai, Nanjing and Hongkong), Germany, and the US.

Additional advantages for you:

  • Conflict-free precious metals
  • Many years of expertise in gold recycling
  • Expert knowledge throughout the cycle