Recycling materials from the electronics, glass, and chemistry industries

You manufacture products that are ordinarily used in diverse applications before they are also used in consumer goods such as computers or cell phones, including:

  • Semiconductors
  • Sensors
  • Electronic components for the automotive industry
  • LEDs / OLEDs
  • Photovoltaics
  • Magnetic data storage
  • Passive components

Production processes produce residues, which still contain valuable precious metals. It is important to recover these, for the sake of our environment and for your financial benefit.

We specialize in recycling materials containing precious metals, such as those from the electronics, glass, jewelry, and chemical industries. This includes:

  • Powders and pastes containing precious metals
  • Residues from the production process
  • Off-spec and EOL products
  • Platinum- and ruthenium-containing targets for the production of magnetic data storage disks (HDDs)
  • Bonding wires and contact materials for manufacturing circuit boards
  • Silver and gold targets for coatings
  • Platinum/rhodium sensors for measurement and instrumentation technology
  • Instruments and crucibles for laboratory use
  • Stirrers and nozzles for the glass industry