Homogeneous Precious Metal Catalysts for the Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical & Finechemical Industry

Complex molecules like active ingredients in pharmaceutical or agrochemical preparations are often only obtainable through catalysis. Moreover, large scale chemical products like building blocks for polymers or additives for plastics are also produced more efficiently by using catalysts.

Platinum group metals (PGM) – platinum, palladium, rhodium, osmium, iridium and ruthenium – are often preferred as catalytic metal due to their outstanding catalytic activity and selectivity. Especially the homogeneous PGM catalysts (salts or metalorganic compounds) that are completely soluble in the reaction mixture enable high yields at relatively mild conditions (lower temperature and pressure).

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Homogeneous Precious Metal Catalysts Portfolio

Find our portfolio of homogeneous catalysts for chemical and pharmaceutical processes below:

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Pharma Ingredients

Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Heraeus produces active pharmaceutical ingredients used for cancer medication. Furthermore, Heraeus also offers contract manufacturing of highly potent APIs.

 Pharmaceutical Ingredients Portfolio

Heterogeneous Precious Metal Catalysts

Heterogeneous Precious Metal Catalysts

Complementary to our homogeneous catalyst portfolio, Heraeus also offers a broad range of heterogeneous catalysts (e.g. PGM on carbon) for the crop protection industry, pharma industry and other industries. This also includes catalysts for processes based on renewable feedstock (Green Chemistry).

 Portfolio of Heterogeneous Precious Metal Catalysts

Osmium Compounds


Heraeus is a global leader in the production of osmium compounds – for example used in dihydroxylation reactions in the pharma and fine chemical industry.

 Osmium Portfolio

Common Reaction Types of Homogeneous Precious Metal Catalysts

Below we show some of the most common reaction types of pharmaceutical, agrochemical and fine chemical syntheses in which precious metal catalysts are applied.

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