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Precious metals are not only essential to enable our modern life. With its products, the precious metals industry makes an important contribution to tackling climate change. For example, with silver pastes in photovoltaic modules, in PEM electrolysis for the production of green hydrogen and in catalytic converters for exhaust gas purification. We cannot do without them.

At the same time, the extraction and processing of precious metals involves an enormous energy input and CO2 footprint. As a leading company in the precious metals industry, we are pioneering ahead.

By 2025, Heraeus Precious Metals will be the first company in the precious metals industry to operate carbon neutral.

Svea Scherleithner

“We have committed to an ambitious goal: being CO2 neutral by 2025. However, setting a goal is not enough. Sustainability is a true transformation project and needs to underlie everything we do. It leads us to rethink processes and entire business cases.”

Svea Scherleithner
Global Head of Sustainability Heraeus Precious Metals

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Decarbonization Roadmap
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