Bring your idea for a precious metals chemistry product to life.

Heraeus wants to give you the opportunity to turn your innovative idea into reality. Use our state-of-the-art labs, gain access to all the precious metals you need for your research, and benefit from our market access to bring your idea to life. And: a research grant allows you to focus on your idea.

Use our resources

Heraeus Precious Metals is one of the world’s leading providers of precious metal services and products. We combine all activities related to our comprehensive expertise in the precious metals loop – from trading to precious metals products to recycling.. That’s why we are the right place for your idea.

The perfect environment for your idea

fiftyONE innovation community

We create an environment in which you can work on your idea productively, creatively, and independently–while experiencing all the advantages of being at a corporation.

Here is your opportunity to turn your product idea into reality at Heraeus. It will still be your idea, however. You are responsible for developing it and driving it forward independently. At the same time, Heraeus will always there be by your side. You will have the support of a mentor and will be part of our innovation community.

We provide the proper raw materials

Heraeus has access to all precious metals as well as various precious metal compounds and numerous catalysts, which you can use in developing your idea. Move forward using our infrastructure, raw materials, and precious metals.

Make use of our network

Our decades of expertise in the field of precious metals chemistry have allowed us to build an expansive network. You will have access to markets, customers, and suppliers. We’ll help you implement your idea quickly and professionally.

We are seeking potential entrepreneurs with great research ideas

We are seeking potential entrepreneurs with great research ideas

It doesn’t matter at what stage you are at in your life… or your career. Whether you are a chemist or just have a good idea. We’re looking for someone with a good idea for a product or service related to precious metal chemistry and the desire to bring it to life.

We are particularly interested in any product ideas related to precious metals chemistry. Innovative precious metals catalysts, highly active precious metals solutions and salts, new areas of application for existing products. There is no limit to your creativity.

You will have up to three years to execute your idea at Heraeus. During this time you will receive a research grant. We offer attractive options for the time after successful execution of your idea, depending on what the idea is. Let’s talk!