NEW product launch! ET2010 Flexible End Termination Ink

ET2010 Flexible End Termination Ink is a first of its kind material in the market utilizing advanced polymer technology. When compared to current thermoset, epoxy-based inks in the market, Heraeus’ solution offers easier shipping, storage, and handling at room temperatures. The easy-to-use, reworkable ET2010 ink offers room temperature stability for six months, a significant benefit compared to epoxy-based pastes that need to be frozen or refrigerated.

Sinter paste in L1 cartridge
NEW! Pressure sinter paste also available in cartridge now!

NEW-Pressure sinter paste now also available in L1 cartridge for improved and stable processes. The proven mAgic® sinter paste now offers even more precise and reproducible results, and a cleaner working environment with the new cartridges.

Application Center Hanau
Heraeus Application Center Hanau

We have established our application center in Hanau, Germany, serving the power electronics and automotive electronics markets. Thanks to our industrial grade equipment, we can provide superior services and develop customer-specific solutions, dedicated to serving local needs and driving global innovation.

Heraeus Electronics e-Shop

The digital eco system in China has a large footprint in private and business life. For Heraeus Electronics, it is a critical success factor to integrate the business in China with this eco system and automated business processes.

We have launched the Heraeus Electronics e-Shop officially, click here to make your online order.

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