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About YAGEO Nexensos

More About

YAGEO Nexensos Is the Global Market Leader for Maximum Reliability in Temperature Sensing.

Sensor Expert

High-precision temperature measurement is essential for many key technologies, and a prerequisite for efficient technical solutions. Platinum temperature sensors are characterized by high stability, repeatability, and fast response times. We offer a wide range of platinum temperature sensors with a variety of resistance values and temperature coefficients.

The possible applications for platinum thin film technology far exceeds the well-known temperature sensor. Innovative multifunction chips are created by combining sensors, heaters, application-specific electrodes and other structures on a single substrate.

For over 100 years, YAGEO Nexensos continues to develop innovative solutions to support your development goals.

YAGEO is a leading global electronic component company with capabilities on a global scale, including production and sales facilities in Asia, Europe and the Americas. YAGEO provides one-stop-shopping, offering a complete product portfolio of resistors, capacitors, wireless and circuit protection components to meet the diverse requirements of customers.

Quality Standards

Meet Our Highest Industry Standards (Including Automotive)

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AEC-Q200 qualification

The M220 Pt1000 B (F0.3) and the SMD Pt1000 B (F0.3) parts from series 0603, 0805 and 1206 from YAGEO Nexensos have successfully passed the qualification according to AEC-Q200 Rev. D table 8. The evidence of conformity of the qualification was measured and documented in cooperation with independent test centers. The Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) describes standards for the qualification on electronic components for the Automotive industry.

Long-Lasting History

Decades of Experience in Temperature Sensing

Year Event
2023 YAGEO Corporation aquires Heraeus Nexensos.
Company name is now YAGEO Nexensos.
2021 microRTD concept introduced
Building production site in Johor
Expanding global team in Taiwan
2020 First shipments of new 1000 °C sensor for fast thermo cycles 
2019 Expanding global presence in China and Korea
Heraeus Sensor Technology becomes Heraeus Nexensos
First Pt chip for sinter technology series introduced 
2017 Expansion of thick film production
2016 Introduction of Soot Sensors
2009 Established US sales office through acquisition of Sensor Scientific
2007 Expanding of production capacities
2004 First samples of SMD 0805 Pt 10000
2003 Series introduction of PT200 high temperature sensors
Integration of ABB Sensycon's temperature sensors and renaming as Heraeus Sensor Technology
2002 Establishment of new SMD size 0603 Pt 1000
2001 Concentration on the production of standard platinum sensors and primary enclosed sensors, MSP established
1997 Heraeus Sensor-Nite, Kleinostheim, Germany is established
1987 Relocation and new production building in Kleinostheim
1986 Development of a quartz thermometer system
1974 Development of Pt resistance temperature devices in thin-film technology
1972 The temperature measuring technology business area is established 
1952 Platinum temperature sensors in ceramic insulation
1930 Production of thermocouples  from non-precious metals 
1906 Richard Küch invents the first platinum resistance thermometer 
1855 Wilhelm Carl Heraeus founds the platinum melting house W. C. Heraeus
1851 Wilhelm Carl Heraeus takes over the "Einhorn Apotheke in Hanau"