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Strengths of Pt RTDs, key properties and their advantages in your applications

Heraeus Nexensos Pt RTDs are available in a broad range with different characteristics and suitable for many application areas. Get to know our products into detail, their typical applications and our advantages for you.

Learn how to find the right sensor for your requirements and get familiar with our customization options.

Installation of temperature sensors and the impact on performance

Heat conductivity, insulation resistance, thermal expansion, shock and vibration resistance, humidity resistance and high temperature stability. Important performance factors that have to be considered and matched to your application.

Interested in learning how these performance factors are influenced by the way of installation and how the application temperature effects sensor type, connection technology and housing of the sensor? Then join our webinar.

Technical training on Pt sensors

In our webinar "technical training Pt Sensors" we want to address and answer the following questions:

How does the resistive sensor work?

How to influence the resistance and the accuracy of the sensor?

Comparison of technologies and sensor types