Sensors for Household Appliances and White Goods

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Smart household appliances are increasingly popular and offer good business prospects for new ideas. Based on precise data, applications adapt to the needs of their users. It helps if the measurement is done with precision, long-term stability and reliability.

Temperature is one of the parameters most often measured in household appliances. The sensors used for this purpose must meet specific requirements. They must be deliverable in large quantities and easily integrated into mass production.

Particularly for top-of-the-line household appliances with smart functions, consumers expect high quality and reliability. Reliable sensors with platinum elements are therefore the first choice. Even more important is the standardized characteristic curve, which allows the sensor to be replaced by an alternative without modifying the electronics. Product series for household appliances are replaced by new versions after a relatively short time. However, replacement parts for the purchased appliance need to stay available for years.

In addition, of course, the sensor must also still meet the specific requirements of the application. For example, when YAGEO Nexensos platinum sensors are used in a pyrolytic oven, the relatively low baking temperature as well as the high temperatures during the pyrolysis process can be reliably measured and controlled using just one sensor.

We work with you to determine the best solution for your requirements. We offer you application-specific, cost-optimized solutions and efficient series production with platinum thin-film technology. Installation is particularly simple, which also helps you keep costs down.

YAGEO Nexensos combines exclusive expertise from thin-film platinum technology and circuit technology with the utmost manufacturing precision. Because of this unique combination, we are your first choice for the development of reliable and innovative solutions. We work with you to find the best solution for your needs, and we support you from the idea to design to technical support in series production.

Temperature Monitoring in Household Appliances

For example, in pyrolysis ovens, platinum sensors monitor and control the baking temperature and the pyrolysis process. For this application, we particularly recommend M series sensors.

Overview: The advantages of Heraeus M sensors

  • Precise data for multiple applications in a single sensor with stable measurements over a broad range of temperatures
  • Proven high reliability and durability of the sensors
  • Large-scale manufacturing

Standardized characteristic curve allows sensors to be replaced with alternatives without adapting electronics. This helps you offer suitable replacement parts for your application over the long term.