Customer Specific Sensors

The temperature sensor market sets stringent requirements for the development of application-specific solutions. Partnering with our customers from the beginning of the development process through high-volume production provides the opportunity to combine our strengths for maximum results.

To reduce customer cost and production time, platinum elements are available with a variety of value-added options, including:

  • Insulated extension leads
  • Primary-housed sensors
  • Primary lead wire options
  • Other options as required for specific applications

The application capabilities are not limited to the standard RTD sensor element.

Multifunction modules based upon platinum thin technology combine thin-film sensors, heaters, and structured electrodes on one chip. Utilizing our state of the art thin-film and materials technology, the platform chip is fully adaptable to a world of new applications.

The customer can further customize the platform chip by adding a sensing layer to the electrode. The addition of metal oxides, for example, converts the platform chip to a temperature controlled and temperature compensated gas sensor, capable of detecting oxygen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, or methane down to the ppm concentration range.

In addition to typical gas and humidity sensing applications, analytical techniques in aqueous media for medical technology or biotechnology applications are possible.

With our experience in large scale production, we are the right partner whenever you target new applications with high potential.

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Customized Sensor

Our Innovation- Your Advantage

  • Highest quality due to decades-long experience, research and development
  • Individually customized sensor solutions
  • Development of customer specific designs
  • Stable large volume production
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Proximity to customers via our global presence

Product Examples

  • micro heaters
  • multi sensor platforms (e.g. combination of sensors with other functions, e.g. heater)
  • electrodes in mono or multilayer design