Platinum Temperature Sensors for the Energy Sector

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Experience with Platinum Temperature Probes for over 100 Years

Whether refinery, power plant, solar thermal system, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) - Safety and the efficiency of these systems depend, among other things, on the smallest components - the temperature sensor element. Platinum sensors offer you a wide range of advantages.

Reliability Means Low Maintenance and Cost Effectiveness

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Platinum elements offer the best value in temperature sensing, as well as the lowest cost over the operating lifetime.


  • the long-term stability of the measured values
  • the reliability
  • and the longevity

of platinum sensors considerable cost savings are realized.

Standardized characteristic curves, defined by the DIN EN 60751 specification, allow quick and easy platinum sensor replacement even decades after original installation.

Platinum Temperature Sensors for Highest Requirements

With YAGEO Nexensos, you get a platinum sensor with all the properties expected from a premium product. In addition, we offer comprehensive service from initial consultation through large-scale production - everything from one convenient source. If you have a large demand for Pt RTD sensors, please contact us for a specific solution that meets or exceeds your requirements.

If your requirement goes beyond a simple sensor component, we can provide a sensor solution with the addition of extended wires or a protective housing.

Platinum Sensors from YAGEO Nexensos:

  • Large measuring range: From -200 °C to 1,000 °C
  • Reliable: High long-term stability of measured values for safe, continuous operation
  • Versatile: Pt sensors support a variety of mounting options
  • Efficient: Less frequent replacement, cost-effective large-scale production
  • Sustainable: Easy replacement and retrofitting due to standardized characteristic curves
  • Innovative: Solutions for new and existing applications
  • Long-lasting: Less frequent replacement, lower maintenance costs

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With us, you benefit from expertise, dating back to 1851, in precious & special metals, and their applications. Perfection down to the last detail is our goal - in every product, and in personal service for you as a customer.

Applications of Platinum Temperature Probes

There are two big players in process monitoring and process control of your plants: Temperature sensors and pressure sensors. When the highest demands are placed on temperature measurements, platinum sensors are the best choice. And for good reason; our high long-term stability sensors measure in any temperature range with extreme precision and reproducibility. And, they are easy to replace, even after many years.

Safety and Precision of Platinum Sensors in Power Generation:

  • Wind power plant
  • Solar thermal system
  • Biogas plant
  • Gas power plant
  • Combined heat and power plant
  • Geothermal energy
  • Coal-fired power plant
  • Nuclear power plant
  • Hydroelectric power plant

Experience and Innovation with Pt RTD Sensors - YAGEO Nexensos

YAGEO Nexensos offers you over 100 years of experience with platinum sensors. Technologically and in terms of sales volume, we are the market leader. We are happy to put our knowledge, experience and innovation strength at your disposal. Simply get in touch and rely on maximum safety and efficiency in temperature measurement.

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