Energy Supply and Energy Management

The demand for energy is constantly rising. At the same time, energy production is in upheaval, and major investments are being made in renewable energies. There is a huge market for sensor solutions in energy management and the control of new technologies.

The precise measurement of thermal energy in modern heating plants and HVAC systems is the key to monitoring consumption, which in turn underpins the effort to change consumer behavior and reduce energy use. Often, consumption must be monitored decentrally across the system so that the culprit can be clearly identified. PCB sensors from Heraeus measure temperature very precisely, and it is especially easy to connect them to the electronic control system.

In the field of energy generation, the compelling argument for platinum sensors is their precise measurement across a wide temperature range. This is the key, for example, to operating wind turbines safely at close to capacity, because it maintains the balance between maximum possible performance and the threat of overheating. Temperature control is also crucial for efficiency in conventional energy production or for managing the hot water circuit in solar thermal technology.

Particularly in the field of energy generation, facilities typically operate continuously. The long-term stability of measurements as well as the high reliability and durability of platinum sensors are therefore highly advantageous, especially if system maintenance is difficult and expensive, as in the case of offshore wind parks that must be reached by helicopter.

We work with you to determine the best solution for your requirements. We offer you application-specific, cost-optimized solutions and efficient series production. Installation is particularly simple, which also helps you keep costs down.

Heraeus combines exclusive expertise from thin-film platinum technology and circuit technology with the utmost manufacturing precision. Because of this unique combination, we are your first choice for the development of reliable and innovative solutions. We work with you to find the best solution for your needs, and we support you from the idea to design to technical support in series production.

Examples of applications for platinum sensors in energy and in energy management