Safe Plant Operation with Pt RTD Sensors in Process Technology

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In industrial processes, power plants, chemical plants, refineries and pipelines, extreme conditions occur in which precise and reliable temperature monitoring & control play a crucial role.

  • Industrial processes, including chemical plants and refineries where deviations in temperature can greatly impact the end-product, benefit from the high precision and repeatability of platinum sensors.
  • Power plants benefit from the high reliability of platinum sensors, resulting in reduced expense from sensor replacement and associated downtime.
  • Pipelines depend on platinum sensors to ensure safe and accurate fluid transport, even under the harshest of conditions

Process temperature sensors can be used in several markets e.g. Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Chemicals, Instrumentation, life science, Food and Beverage, HVAC, etc.

Temperature Detection in Industrial Processes, Chemical Plants, Power Plants, Pipelines and Refineries

Platinum RTD temperature sensors help monitor process temperature continuously and reliably. For applications in process technology, sensors of the M and L series are typically used.

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Oil refinery

Advantages for You:

  • Precise measurement over a very wide temperature range (up to 850 °C)
  • High long-term stability, satisfying the high demands of continuous operation
  • Minimal drift over the service life
  • High reliability and durability
  • Fast signal response
  • Standardized signal characteristic enables easy sensor replacement
  • Large-scale production
  • Tight tolerance classes F0.15 and F0.10 available in large quantities

YAGEO Nexensos Suitable Sensor Solutions:

Platinum Sensors Provide Precise and Reliable Temperature Measurement under Both Routine and Extreme Conditions

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Platinum temperature sensors monitor low and medium temperature processes with quiet reliability. When conditions are extreme, however, the durability and dependability of a platinum sensor is fully realized. Even under the harshest conditions, such as high currents, corrosive environments, temperature extremes or mechanical stress, a flowmeter or thermometer constructed with a platinum sensor element operates accurately, repeatably, and reliably.

Platinum RTD temperature sensors feature outstanding chemical and mechanical stability and resistance to moisture, climate, and other environmental factors. Reliable and smooth operation is assured even under the most difficult operating conditions, minimizing expensive downtime.

Precision temperature control permits closer tracking to a setpoint, with reduced overshoot. Better control results in reduced energy use and a positive effect on the environment.

Constant Measurement Data with Drift Stability

Platinum sensors from YAGEO Nexensos guarantee the precision and reliability needed for reliable process control. Platinum sensors assure precise, constant measurement with low drift over long operating periods, with a wide operating temperature range from -40 °C to 1000 °C.

The characteristic resistance vs. temperature curve, standardized as per DIN EN 60751, ensures part-to-part interchangeability, eliminating the need for recalibration or circuit redesign when replacing sensors. Interchangeability also reduces the burden of carrying multiple spare parts in stock for long periods of time.

YAGEO Nexensos: Competent Partner for Innovative Sensor Solutions

Together with you, our customer, we determine the best and most cost-effective solution for your requirement. In addition to economical standard products fabricated in Pt thin-film technology, we also offer high-precision sensors that are customized specifically for your application.

YAGEO Nexensos combines exclusive expertise in thin-film platinum technology and circuit technology with the highest manufacturing precision. This unique combination makes YAGEO Nexensos your first choice for the development of reliable and innovative solutions. We work with you to match the best solution to your needs and provide technical support from the initial idea and design through serial production.

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