Life Science

In research and development, reproducible controlled conditions and precise data are important success factors. In the medical field, materials must also be biocompatible and work reliably for many years.

High-quality sensors are essential for constructing reliable laboratory and analysis equipment. Whether for obtaining status information or for controlling a medical device, the data must be accurate and precise. This is important for reliable examinations and treatment. Where research is concerned, the results directly depend on the quality of measurements.

Therefore, wherever reliable temperature data must be obtained over a broad temperature range, the high precision and excellent long-term stability of Heraeus platinum sensors make them the instrument of choice. Furthermore, because platinum sensor elements have excellent biocompatibility, they are extremely reliable and safe for use with living cells or directly with patients.

Because laboratory equipment represents a considerable investment, you as the manufacturer must guarantee service and maintenance over many years. Platinum sensors from Heraeus have a standardized characteristic curve that makes them easy to replace, ensuring that the necessary components will be available for a long time.

Particularly if you are engaged in new measurement tasks that promise high volume potential, Heraeus offers skill and special expertise in the field of platinum thin-film technology as well as many years of experience in the development and introduction of high-volume products.

Heraeus combines exclusive expertise from thin-film platinum technology and circuit technology with the utmost manufacturing precision. Because of this unique combination, we are your first choice for the development of reliable and innovative solutions. We work with you to find the best solution for your needs, and we support you from the idea to design to technical support in series production.

Sensors for life science applications

Platinum elements have a wide variety of applications in research and laboratory work. For example, they are useful as heaters or temperature sensors, for measuring changes in resistance or conductivity, and for many other applications. Typically, sensors for such applications are adapted specifically to meet your needs.

Overview: The advantages of Heraeus platinum sensors

  • Precise data from stable measurements over a broad range of temperatures
  • Combinations of sensors with other functions, for example in a heater-sensor combination
  • Multi-sensor platforms can combine several sensors in one integrated module
  • Proven high reliability and durability of the sensors
  • Large-scale manufacturing capacities and experience