Platinum Temperature Sensors for Life Science Applications

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In research, development and production, controlled conditions and precision data are essential success factors. Temperature is a critical control parameter in these processes. Also in the pharmaceutical and medical field, the materials and equipment used must be biocompatible and work reliably for many years.

Reliable Sensors in Laboratory and Analytical Equipment

High-quality sensors are a basic prerequisite for building reliable laboratory and analytical equipment, securinge cold chains and storinge biological agents at low temperatures. Precise data is essential, regardless of whether the requirement is for passive monitoring, or active control of a medical device. Precision measurement is key for accurate patient diagnosis and treatment, as well as the proper interpretation of test results in a research environment. Laboratory and analytical equipment for quality assurance and production is a significant capital investment. with an anticipated long service life for the apparatus. In addition to having high durability, platinum sensors from Heraeus conform to a standardized, internationally recognized characteristic curve. Standardization insures ease of sensor replacement for years to come. With a special emphasis on providing high-volume measurement solutions, YAGEO Nexensos provides competence, expertise, and decades of experience in platinum thin-film technology.

Sensors for Safe and Stable Monitoring in Medical Environments

Many biopharmaceuticals and active ingredients require low temperature and constant cooling during production, transport and storage. Depending upon the requirements, temperatures down to -80 °C or lower must be safely maintained and monitored. C Series platinum sensors from YAGEO Nexensos are extremely robust against mechanical and thermal stress and provide a highly repeatable signal down to the temperature of liquid nitrogen –approximately -200 °C).

Production, Transport and Storage of Vaccines and Cancer Drugs

Thanks to high precision and excellent long-term stability, Pt sensors from YAGEO Nexensos are in demand whenevertemperature measurements over large ranges must be accurately and reliably recorded. In addition, YAGEO Nexensos platinum sensor elements are biocompatible, and can be used directly in conjunction with living cells, making them the measuring instrument of choice in the production of vaccines and medical agents, e.g. in cancer therapy.

Controlled low temperature environments have become increasingly important, especially for production, supply chain monitoring and storage of vaccines and cancer drugs. Failure to maintain adequately low temperatures can degrade the efficacy and shelf-life. To control this risk, especially for RNA-based vaccines, special measuring devices, data loggers and refrigerators (ultra-cold freezers) are required. Reliable temperature sensors that can withstand the ultra-cold temperature are important components of these systems and insure uninterrupted monitoring of the cold chain.

Advantages of Heraeus Platinum Sensors at a Glance:

  • Precise measurement data over a wide temperature range
  • High measuring accuracy and low signal drift over the device lifetime
  • High mechanical reliability and durability
  • High availability in very high volumes

Competence in Temperature Sensors

  • With a special emphasis on providing high-volume measurement solutions, YAGEO Nexensos provides competence, expertise, and decades of experience in platinum thin-film technology. High-level applications of our technology include: Combinations of sensors with other functions, e.g. a heater-sensor combination
  • Multi-sensor platforms, i.e. several sensors positioned in one integrated module

YAGEO Nexensos combines exclusive know-how in platinum thin film technology and interconnection technology with the highest manufacturing precision. This unique combination makes us your first choice for the development of reliable and innovative solutions. We work with your team to find the best solution for your requirements, and provide support from the initial idea, thru the design process, continuing with ongoing technical support during serial production.