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Laminated Magnets Aerosol Deposition

Enhanced E-Motor Efficiency: Heraeus Unveils Ultra-Thin Gap Solution for Laminated Rare Earth Magnet Coating

January 19, 2024 - Innovative Coating Technique using a ceramic/epoxy composite Enhances Performance and Manufacturing Efficiency of Laminated Rare Earth Magnets.

"The reduced gap in stacked rare earth magnets is a game-changer in motor design, aligning perfectly with our industry's goal for higher motor efficiency and sustainability.", states Dr Ilka Luck, Head of Heraeus High Performance Coatings.

 Learn how smaller gap in laminated rare-earth-magnets results in higher performance

Coated implant by Aerosol Deposition

Speaker presentation of ITSC2023 now available for download

Quebec, May 23, 2023 - We were speaker at the ITSC2023 (International Thermal Spray Conference) in Quebec City. The conference, themed “Next-Generation Thermal Spraying for Future Surfaces,” brought together leading technology experts, manufacturers, researchers and suppliers from around the world. Our presentation, NEXT-GENERATION COATING APPLICATIONS BY AEROSOL DEPOSITION was well received by the conference attendees, who provided overwhelmingly positive feedback. Customers were particularly impressed by the wide range of applications of the aerosol deposition and the different coating material we offer.

 The conference presentation is available for download

Aerosol Deposition doubles application temperature of friction shims

Aerosol Deposition doubles application temperature of friction shims

Hanau, Aug. 9, 2022 - Ceramic coatings can be produced economically using the aerosol deposition coating method. For the first time, this enables nickel-phosphorus-free friction shims for application temperatures of up to 700° C.

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Aerosol Deposition Equipment at Heraeus

Aerosol deposition from Heraeus accelerates development of antiseptic coatings

Hanau, March 8, 2022 - EOS Biomaterials Incorporated relies on Heraeus R&D equipment to develop coatings for the medical market. The company’s technology can be used for surgical implants and wound treatment.

"With our own aerosol deposition machine, we will be able to test and optimize new materials and material combinations in even shorter cycles in the future," says Mr. Lee, Chairman of EOS Biomaterials Incorporated.

 Read more about the medical coating with aerosol deposition method

REM picture of AD-Al2O3 coating for protection of high temperature alloys

New coating from Heraeus enables service life of high-temperature alloys to be increased by up to eight times

Hanau, September 21, 2021 – Patented coating process from Heraeus extends the service life of high-temperature alloys for furnaces and chemical plants.

"The results of our study are very promising," says Dr. Ilka Luck, head of Heraeus High Performance Coatings. "The coating prevents any microstructural changes, voids and precipitations. Thus, alloy corrosion is greatly reduced. As a result, their service life is up to eight times longer."

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Close-up of the nozzle in the aerosol deposition process

Heraeus broadens the application range of the Aerosol Deposition coating method

Hanau, June 22, 2021 - Aerosol Deposition has no limitations in terms of coating materials or substrates that can be used. Our experts have worked intensively over the past two years to optimize processes and machines for production on industrial scale. As a result, we are the only supplier that accompanies customers all the way from feasibility study to series production.

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Case Studies

Improved High-Temperature Sensor Accuracy and Performance Stability using Aerosol Deposition

High temperature sensors are coated with a protective layer to secure performance. By coating them with α-Al2O3 using aerosol deposition long term stability is improved and measurement accuracy increased over the life span of the sensor.

 Download Case Study on protective coatings for high-temperature sensors

Significant Service Life Extension for High-Temperature Nickel Alloys

Even specialty Ni-alloys for high-temperature application are limited in their lifetime as they remain prone to corrosion. By coating these alloys with α-Al2O3 using aerosol deposition the service life of the system parts can be extended by a factor of 3 to 8 while reducing flaking significantly.

 Download Case Study on service life extension for high-temperature nickel alloys

Technical Data Sheets

Coating Download
α-Aluminum Oxide (α-Al2O3)  Technical Data Sheet α-Al2O3
Aluminum Nitride (AlN)  Technical Data Sheet AIN
β-Silicon Nitride (β-Si3N4)  Technical Data Sheet β-Si3N4
Copper (Cu)  Technical Data Sheet Cu
Yttria (Y2O3)  Technical Data Sheet Y2O3
Technical Datasheet Preview Image - R&D Aerosol Deposition Chambers

R&D Aerosol Deposition Chambers

R&D aerosol coating chambers are currently available in two different configurations. Please contact us for individual requirements and production equipment.

 Download the technical data sheet for the R&D Aerosol Deposition chambers

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