5157679 - Sensor with Stranded Wire Extensions

Type M222 Lead Length 200 mm. Most temperature sensing applications require sensing elements packaged in protective housings. Sensor elements with lead extensions helps to reduced development times in your processes. Elements with stranded wire extensions are available in standard lengths and can be customized to your optimum length for larger requests.



  • Type: Sensor with Stranded Wire Extensions
  • Nominal Resistance R₀ [Ω]: Pt1000
  • Temperature Coefficient (TCR): 3850
  • Tolerance Class: F 0.3 (B)
  • Min. Temp. °C: -65
  • Max. Temp. °C: 260
  • Min. Tolerance Temp. °C: -65
  • Max. Tolerance Temp. °C: 260
  • Connection Technology: 圧着, 溶接, ソフトはんだ, 硬ろう付け, Clamping
  • Packaging: プラスチック バッグ

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