5033344 - Sinterable Surface-Mounted RTD (SMD-SC) Element

Power electronics represent the main application focus of the sinterable temperature sensor.Mass production , precision, long-term stability and low costs were in the foreground of its design.The design allows a potential free positioning direct to the heat source/die. The topside metallization is adapted for thick wire bonding and the backside is designed for silver sinter processes. Both sides ( metallization) are electrically isolated from each other.


  • タイプ: SMD SC1206
  • 公称抵抗値 R₀ [Ω]: Pt1000
  • 温度係数 (TCR): 3850
  • 公差クラス: F 0.6 / 2B
  • 最低温度 °C: -50
  • 最高温度 °C: 200
  • 最低温度公差 ℃: -50
  • 最高温度公差 ℃: 200
  • サイズ [mm] (LxWxH): 3.1 / 1.5 / 0.55
  • 接合方法: Suitable for sintering on backside, for optimized heat transfer and on topside for ultrasonic wire bonding
  • 絶縁抵抗: > 1000 MΩ at 20 °C
  • 表面メタライゼーション(ボンディングパッド): AgPt surface in thick film technology for thick wire ultrasonic bonding process. Recommendation: Heraeus Al H11 thick wires (Ø 300 µm ). All tests were done with recommended wire
  • 裏面メタライゼーション(焼結): AgPd surface in thick film technology for silver sintering process. Recommendation: Heraeus sinter paste (ASP 338 and 043 series) All tests were done with recommended paste
  • 裏面せん断テスト/焼結: > 10 N/mm2 (single value) > 20 N/mm2 (mean value)
  • 表面引っ張りテスト/ボンディング: > 210 cN (equals 75% wire load limit of Al H11 thick wires ø =300 µm )
  • 自己発熱: < 0.4 K/mW (unassembled)
  • 保管期間: In unopened in original packing (minimum half a year)



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