Application Center in Hanau, Germany

Our state-of-the-art application center in Hanau, Germany, offers a wide range of services with advanced SMT and power electronics process and testing technologies to develop customer specific solutions. The center validates product developments from Heraeus‘ innovation department by using latest production and testing technologies. About 35 developers enable fast development and an efficient use of resources in the value chain. The application center offers an optimal infrastructure for simulation, design, prototyping, testing and qualification of material systems in power electronic modules on 1300 m², thereof 200 m² ISO8 clean room. This allows manufacturers to better understand material behaviors, combinations, and the reliability of their products under authentic application conditions.

By using our comprehensive state-of-the-art equipment and tools, our customers benefit from faster development with higher first-time success rates. Our service portfolio together with our experience in packaging solutions contribute to support our customer for solving their challenges.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduced development risks
  • Shortened development cycles and faster time to market
  • Higher first-time success rates
  • Efficient use of resources in value chain

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Our engineering services in Hanau

Engineering Services at Heraeus in Hanau

Prototype Design Assistance and Assembly

  • Power Electronics package, SMT and LED assembly
  • Design assistance
  • Material selection
  • Product testing

Process Optimization

  • Parameter definition
  • In-house and on site training and consulting
  • Yield optimization


  • Thermal and Thermo-mechanical stress simulation
  • Lifetime prediction

Testing and Qualification

Material Analysis

  • Mechanical and thermal characterisation
  • Chemical and physical analysis

Innovation assistance

  • Product validation of sinter paste, solder paste, bonding wire, metal and metal ceramic substrates, materials systems
  • Process development

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