Condura® - Metal Ceramic Substrates

Heraeus Electronics offers a comprehensive portfolio of metal ceramic substrates to address the diverse needs of the power electronics segment, ranging from low-power application up to the most demanding industries. The Condura® portfolio consists of Condura®.classic (DCB-Al2O3), Condura®.extra (DCB-ZTA), and Condura®.prime (AMB-Si3N4).
Our Metal Ceramic Substrates are recommended for power electronic modules (e.g. current inverters) using MOSFETs or IGBT semiconductor elements and diodes for widespread application fields in the industrial sector: electric motor drives, e.g. in tooling machines, cranes, textile-processing equipment, automation equipment, etc.

As we seek to better support our customers, we have introduced Condura®+ which is designed to enhance your productivity in substrate functionalization as well as to simplify your assembly process.

For your specific needs, we can assist you to identify and match the optimal material combination from our broad product portfolio ranging from metal ceramic substrates, sintering, soldering and bonding.

Condura® - Metal Ceramic Substrates

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