Power your Performance with Silver Sintering

Electronic devices continue to shrink in size and at the same time increase in power. Higher power densities increases device operating temperature while requiring greater reliability for longer device lifetime. To meet all these market challenges, new processes and materials are necessary.

Sintering - a real alternative to soldering


Sintering technology is a real alternative to conventional soldering process of electronic manufacturing. Especially to meet the impending challenge of higher power, higher reliability with high temperatures, this technology will help you to be ready for future electronic products.

Silver sintering for high performance applications

Silver-based sintering technology is suitable for devices with high operation temperatures requiring fast heat dissipation. Compared to conventional solder process, Ag sintering produces excellent thermal conductive interconnection and up to 5x higher reliability.

Die attachment by silver sintering has huge potential in reducing total manufacturing cost. No after-process cleaning is required. Chips can be placed closer together.

Finding an experienced and reliable partner

Heraeus - You sinter expert

In such a complex environment, it is crucial to have an experienced and reliable partner like Heraeus, with comprehensive know-how in the fields of sintering. It is an advantage for you as a customer to benefit from our extensive sinter paste portfolio to identify the right materials and processes matching to your application needs. And to implement sinter technology to your manufacturing process, you need also a partner who can provide competent consulting services, materials and components that are perfectly matched to each other.

Heraeus has a dedicated team of experienced application engineers to help you with the implementation and to transfer first approaches into prototypes. Be ready for the future. Get in contact with our experts.

Curious? - Find more out about sintering:

Technical Paper

A Breakthrough in Power Electronics Reliability – New Die Attach and Wire Bonding Materials

Thomas Krebs, Susanne Duch, Wolfgang Schmitt, Steffen Kötter, Peter Prenosil, Sven Thomas

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The next step: Sintering is the key to future power electronics

In modern power electronics applications, requirements are becoming more demanding. Soldered connections are reaching their limits. Sintering is increasingly becoming indispensable. Dennis Ang, sintering expert at Heraeus, knows what challenges the new technology introduces and what users must consider when making the transition.

 Expert interview with Dennis Ang